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25 Resume-Worthy Skills Employers Can’t Ignore in 2023

With hundreds of people applying for coveted positions, it can feel impossible to stand out in a competitive job market. So how can you ensure your resume doesn’t get lost in the shuffle? The answer lies in one word: skills. Your resume must showcase the right set of skills that will impress employers and make them take notice. But what are those skills? What exactly are employers desperately seeking in their ideal candidates? From in-demand …

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Why Advancing Your Education is the Key to Success in Today’s Job Market

With the increasing automation of tasks and the emergence of new technologies, many jobs are becoming obsolete, while others require new skills and knowledge to adapt and remain relevant in the job market. To stay competitive and stand out from the crowd, you need to continuously improve and expand your skill set. Advancing your skills allows you to be resilient and adaptable to maintain your edge in our dynamic and unpredictable economy. If you want …

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10 Life Skills To Learn Before Pursuing a Digital Nomad Life

What are the basic life skills to learn before becoming a full-time digital nomad? After a quick internet poll, here are the top-voted responses for living that nomad lifestyle. 1. Time Management “As a digital nomad, you must manage your time effectively to complete your work and meet your deadlines. To be a digital Nomad, you have to be able to complete your work without someone micromanaging your every move,” one shared. “Time management is …

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30 Places to Learn New Job Skills for FREE!

Upgrading your job skills and learning something new is always a great idea.  With our current reality, taking advantage of free skills training is something everyone can benefit from. Training courses look great on your resume if you’ve been laid off or are out of work and can help you become a stronger candidate for certain roles. Or, you might be looking for professional development opportunities because you realize it’s time to make a career change.  Whatever the …

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10 Soft Skills You Need to Conquer the Professional World (With Examples)

Employers are looking for employees with top skills who can enhance productivity and communication to build teamwork and leadership to serve the increasing demands of the workforce. Their search for talent hones in on employees with an array of soft skills that can thrive in the workplace. It has become even more urgent with the dramatic transformation to increased hybrid work arrangements brought on by the need to satisfy employees during the pandemic. Soft skills …

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8 Important Skills You Need to Be an Elementary School Teacher

Perhaps above all, a great elementary school teacher needs patience and compassion—but there are many other skills that are essential to teaching success. Some can be learned right away and some only developed over time. compiled the required skills and abilities needed to become an elementary school teacher according to the O*NET Resource Center, which compiled results from a survey of teachers, occupational experts, and occupational analysts. Elementary school teachers play an important role …

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The 10 Most Popular TED Talks About Leadership

Written by: Tai Gooden As of May 2021, 8.9 million people in the U.S. work in management positions—representing 6.3% of all workers—according to estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. From managers of mom and pop shops to those working for tech giants like Google, these leaders are tasked with creating a successful workplace by retaining talent, mitigating and working through issues with consumers, and executing on company goals. It’s no wonder why companies shell …

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6 Easy Ways To Boost Your Technology Skills

No matter how much you use technology, there’s always something new to learn and skills to build. If you spend lots of time on your computer, tablet, or smartphone or if technology is a major part of your work, then it’s even more important for your to boost your skills. Read on for a few ideas about how to do that. 1. Take Classes You can build your tech skills by taking some classes in …

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45 Jobs Where Foreign Language Skills Are Important

By Joni Sweet In a tough job market, everyone’s looking for a way to make their resume stand out from the competition. That might mean learning new software, earning a professional certificate, asking previous employers for letters of recommendation, or other tried-and-true techniques. Or, it could mean something way out of the box. Some prospective employees have tried to woo their dream companies with everything from tucking their resume inside a hand-delivered box of doughnuts …

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