a young man at a job interview

4 Steps to Rock Your Next Behavioral Job Interview

You saw a job posting, sent in your resume or filled out their application, and waited. Then came the news, you were picked – and they want to have you come in for an interview – a behavioral interview. Getting yourself mentally ready for a behavioral interview can be overwhelming. …

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a man at a job interview

Learn How to Answer: What Makes You the Best Candidate for the Job?

Imagine this: You’re interviewing for a new job. You’re doing great. You answered every question confidently, and it’s clear that you are impressing your interviewers. Then, the single most crucial question gets asked, and how you answer this one question can make or break the entire interview. Answer it well, …

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a women at a job interview

This is How to Answer: Why Are You Interested In This Position?

The pandemic has shifted priorities for many, and thousands of people are quitting their jobs. The good news for job seekers is that there are a lot of options. So if you are itching to make a career change and looking for a job right now, this is a great time to …

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a panel job interview

The Best 22 Questions To Ask at the End of Your Next Job Interview

“Do you have any questions for me?” Most interviews end the same way. The interviewer will ask the candidate if they have any questions for them before the interview is wrapped up. As a hiring manager who has hired hundreds of people in my career, I would ask this question every single …

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How to Explain a Firing in a Future Job Interview

It happens even to the best employees. Your manager asks to speak with you, and a Human Resources staff member is in there as well. They use those dreaded words, “we have decided to let you go.” It certainly isn’t as dramatic as “You’re Fired” with a frosty glare as …

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