man on video call working from home with family in background

20 Easy Video Interview Tips to Impress Your Future Employer

Over the past few years, a massive shift has taken place when it comes to job interviews. Thanks to lockdowns and the rise of remote work, interviews have moved from the boardroom table to your kitchen table. Your next job interview has a high chance of being online, so why …

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Answering “What Makes You Unique” in a Job Interview

If you are interviewing for a new job, you may wonder why nearly all employers ask, “What makes you unique?” One major reason is that employers want to know what talents and strengths you feel you can offer. What valuable and useful qualities can you bring to their open job …

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7 Ways to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” in an Interview

For most of us, talking about ourselves is easy. But turn on the spotlight and ask us to describe ourselves in the middle of a high-pressure interview, and many of us suddenly lose that built-in ability. “Tell me about yourself” is often an interviewer’s first question. It’s a simple question …

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How to Answer ‘Sell Me This Pen!’ in a Job Interview

If you’re interviewing for a sales position, you probably already know that the hiring manager may give you a pen to sell them. That’s why you are here looking for answers. It’s nerve-wracking to have to pitch yourself to a potential employer at the first meeting. If you want a …

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The 10 EQ Questions You Need To Answer Right in an Interview

You’d be wrong if you think your IQ is the only thing interviewers care about. Employers increasingly use EQ questions in the interview to assess your EQ or emotional intelligence. After all, it’s easy to teach the job. It’s not so easy to teach personality or “fit” in an organization. …

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Are You a Great Match for This Role? How to Answer This Interview Question

As a career consultant, I have helped hundreds of clients craft responses to questions and helped them get offers from the world’s largest, most demanding companies. There’s a simple process anyone can go through to answer this common interview question. So you, too, can learn the secret of how to …

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Should You Do Free Work For A Job Interview? 8 Career Experts Weigh In

When you are interviewing for a job, you expect to sit down with an interviewer and provide answers to their questions. But in today’s corporate world, your interviewer may make a much different request. Rather than simply rely on the answers you give, the company that is considering hiring you may …

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36 Tips To Prepare for a Job Interview (And Beat the Competition)

Since the pandemic, the job market, how we work, and ultimately how we get interviewed have all changed. To make the best interview impression possible, you need to be well-informed about the company and its products, know how to tackle tricky interview questions, and come across as confident and qualified. …

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a women doing an interview over the phone

5 Proven Techniques to Nail Your Next Phone Interview

The phone might seem old-fashioned. But, the phone is still used today for important business like conducting job interviews and phone-screen calls. A telephone interview is a common way for a company to get a high-level feel for candidates who applied for an open position before inviting them in for …

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