Need to Call in Sick But Don’t Know What To Say? Use These Examples

how to call in sick for work

You wake up feeling like a truck hit you. You think to yourself, “Should I brave it or call in sick today?” Sound familiar? We are often conflicted about prioritizing our health over work, which reflects today’s fast-paced hustle culture. We get it; no matter how supportive your manager is, you do not want to …

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Get Your Cover Letter Ready With These 18 Easy Do’s and Don’ts

a person typing a cover letter on their laptop

Most job seekers don’t spend nearly enough time working on their cover letters. They assume that their resume is enough to get them an interview. But in today’s competitive job market, a great cover letter can be the difference between getting an interview and getting passed over.  Your cover letter is your first impression when …

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Quick Resume Tips: 20 Do’s and Don’ts Successful Job Seekers Follow

a resume on a laptop with the title Quick Resume Tips: 20 Do’s and Don’ts Successful Job Seekers Follow

Your resume is one of the most important documents you will ever create. How effective it is (or isn’t) can determine your whole career path.  It is essentially a snapshot of your experience, skills, and accomplishments that employers use to determine whether or not you are a good fit for the job. And when I …

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25 In-Demand Skills Needed for Digital Nomad Jobs

a women working at an outdoor desk overlooking the ocean with the title 25 In-Demand Skills Needed for Digital Nomad Jobs

Remote work has grown exponentially over the past few years. Not only was remote work booming before the pandemic, but the last two years of working from home have shown that remote work is productive and cost-effective.  With the increase in technology and desire to work remotely, it’s estimated that 22% of Americans will be …

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How to Explain a Firing in a Future Job Interview

It happens even to the best employees. Your manager asks to speak with you, and a Human Resources staff member is in there as well. They use those dreaded words, “we have decided to let you go.” It certainly isn’t as dramatic as “You’re Fired” with a frosty glare as seen in on the TV …

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How to Write a Resignation Letter: A Simple Step by Step Guide

a woman handing in a resignation letter to her manager

You’ve decided that it’s time to quit your job. Maybe you’ve accepted a better position elsewhere, or perhaps you’re leaving to escape a toxic work environment. One of the next things you have to do is tell your boss – which isn’t always easy. While there are some instances where quitting on the spot is …

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Career Aptitude Test: 7 Reasons to Take One Today!

people taking a test

Are you fresh out of college and unsure about what job opportunities are suitable for you? Or do you want to make a career change? A career quiz can help you discover which career would best suit your personality, skillset, and interests. Understanding what career options work best for you is crucial. Without a test …

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18 Easy Jobs That Pay Well + Where to Learn the Right Skills

Who doesn’t want an easy job that pays well and is not overly stressful? It is a dream to find a job we love without being overworked. There are many options out there, and some of the easiest high-paying jobs don’t require much education or experience.  If you are looking for fun and easy jobs …

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20 Fun Ways to Celebrate a Work Anniversary

Celebrations are always fun at the workplace – whatever the reason is. Who doesn’t want cake on a Tuesday afternoon? We celebrate many different occasions at work, from birthdays and holidays to employee appreciation days and retirement parties. Work anniversaries, however, don’t always get the same level of recognition.  Celebrating a work anniversary should be …

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Can’t Miss Business Travel Tips For 2022 and Beyond

businesswomen at an airport about to travel

Business travel in the last few years has taken a back seat. With the increase in virtual meetings and online conferences, the need for traveling for business was pretty much eliminated. However, as we start to move out of the pandemic and things go back to normal, there will likely be some return to travel …

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How Do Criminal Background Checks Affect Employers?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could conduct background checks on our employers? We can, of course, do this to a certain extent. We can Google the companies we’re applying to and find out more about the executives at those companies. In some ways, your job search is largely about vetting your employers and deciding …

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