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ChatGPT: The Game Changer Your Job Search and Career Needs 

Everyone’s talking about ChatGPT, a new artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot. But did you know this new tool can be incredibly useful for your career? It’s true! From drafting a cover letter to writing a thank you note after an interview, ChatGPT can make job searching much easier. If you already have a job, it can …

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Coworkers bored in a meeting

10 Office Time-Wasters and What To Do About Them

Are you trying to work on your presentation between your daily Zoom calls? Think you can take a client call while reviewing an overdue report? Think again. Juggling multiple tasks may sound like a way to save time, but more than likely, you’ll end up exhausted, and your workflow—and work quality—will crash. Research shows that …

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30 Jobs Projected To Grow the Most in the Next Decade

With the pace of work speeding up, and demands on workers and companies ever-changing, it’s no secret the jobs of the future will be quite different from today’s jobs, much less the jobs of the past. Although technology has been a significant factor in changing many workplaces in the United States, the tech industry is …

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happy employees working together

10 Soft Skills You Need to Conquer the Professional World (With Examples)

Employers are looking for employees with top skills who can enhance productivity and communication to build teamwork and leadership to serve the increasing demands of the workforce. Their search for talent hones in on employees with an array of soft skills that can thrive in the workplace. It has become even more urgent with the …

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young female pro-gamer live streaming

18 Work-From-Home Online Jobs for Teens (No Experience Required)

Working from home is a great job option for teens. Unemployment rates are typically higher among adolescents than the rest of the population, so having the opportunity to work from home without prior work experience can be a great leg up. With fewer responsibilities, the teen years can be a great time to explore entrepreneurial …

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IT developer typing at a computer

Technology: Is it the Right Career Path for You?

So, you’re considering a career in technology. Fantastic! With everything from Web 3.0 and the Metaverse to artificial intelligence and quantum computing in the works, this fast-moving industry fizzes with exciting opportunities. But is technology a good career path for you? After all, if you spend years acquiring the skills and qualifications required by jobs …

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Should You Do Free Work For A Job Interview? 8 Career Experts Weigh In

When you are interviewing for a job, you expect to sit down with an interviewer and provide answers to their questions. But in today’s corporate world, your interviewer may make a much different request. Rather than simply rely on the answers you give, the company that is considering hiring you may want you to do some …

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a strong corporate business woman

Recession-Proof Your Career With This One Skill

You Don’t Need Special Skills to Survive the Recession–You Need Resilience  Few people truly have job security. Between the pandemic, the recent mass layoffs in the tech industry, and the looming recession, most (71%) Americans worry about losing their jobs. And they have good reason to be concerned.  We all know someone who’s been laid …

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a relaxed man enjoying working from home

How One Man’s 5-Hour Work Week Pays the Bills

Millions of Americans work full-time to ensure they pay their bills and keep a roof over their heads. And many of those millions would love to work fewer hours without sacrificing their pay. It’s a matter of working smarter, not harder. Take it from someone who owns an e-commerce website and has accomplished precisely that. …

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a group of teenagers on laptops on the couch

15 Easy-to-Launch Business Ideas for Teens to Start Today

For young entrepreneurs out there, this article is for you. We will provide a list of easy-to-launch business ideas for teens to start in 2023. There are plenty of teenagers in the world today that are crushing it as young entrepreneurs (and we want you to be next!) From YouTube stars to auto detailers, there …

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a woman job searching on her laptop during the Christmas holidays

Asking Santa to Put a New Job Under the Tree? Here’s Help

Yes, the holidays can be hectic, but that doesn’t mean your job search has to grind to a halt. This time of year can be ideal for getting what you really want this Christmas—a new job. Don’t let the holidays be an excuse to slack off. Use them to your advantage. There are approximately 33-million …

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