a modern living room and dining room set in a home

These Are the12 Best Stores to Find Affordable Furniture

Providing a comfortable home for your family is always on top of every parent’s priority list. However, furnishing a home with quality furniture can easily cause unnecessary debt that wreaks havoc on your monthly budget. Fortunately, many places sell affordable furniture so you can give your home the relaxing atmosphere and stylish look you want.   This article will explore the best stores to find inexpensive furniture and other tips for saving money when furnishing your …

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a modern home office set up

Simple & Affordable Office Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home Office

Working from home has recently become a reality for many people. So, what makes your office a productive oasis for you? For some, it’s the accessories on your desk. For others, the surroundings draw their attention when they need a break from the screen. If you’re revamping your home office, you need inspiration for some office decor ideas that may appeal to you. Fresh New Look Sometimes a fresh coat of paint makes all the …

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Kids Birthday Party

11 Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable Kid’s Birthday Party on a Budget

It’s no secret that kids’ birthday parties can be expensive. Between the cost of food, decorations, and entertainment, parents can easily spend hundreds of dollars on a single party. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of ways to throw a fun and festive kid’s birthday party without breaking the bank.  Learn how to celebrate your child’s birthday on a budget using simple tips like having a DIY photo booth, serving …

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a family playing basketball together

Helpful Tips to Overcome Blended Family Challenges

With divorce rates hovering around 50% and couples remarrying at a high rate, blended families are becoming the norm in the United States. A blended family, also known as a stepfamily, is a family unit composed of two people with children from previous relationships coming together to start a new family.  A study on American family structures shows that 55% of American children live with one of their biological parents and a step-parent. While starting …

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a couple eating dinner together

80 of the Best Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Spending quality time together shouldn’t only be about making romantic advances and doing what adults do; it should also be about making real connections through deep and fun conversations. You should know the best questions to ask your boyfriend to achieve this.  Guys generally don’t talk as much as girls do, and you probably won’t get much from your man if you don’t ask the right questions. Of course, there are exceptions, as some guys …

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a neighborhood with a US flag

The Best Places to Live in the U.S.: 25 Small to Mid Size Cities with It All

Over the past 18 months, almost half of Americans either moved or thought about it.  If you look into your options, you’ll find that the most livable places in the U.S. aren’t necessarily the biggest, and sometimes they’re surprising. So if you’re one of the millions of people contemplating moving and you’re looking for a small or mid-sized town that has it all, this list of the best places to live is for you. How …

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Save a Life (And Save Money) By Adopting a Pet - My Life, I Guess

Save a Life (And Save Money) By Adopting a Pet

Pets are the best! Not only do they provide love, companionship and entertainment, but studies have shown that owning a pet is also good for your health and for your quality of life. They can help reduce your depression, anxiety, stress, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, ease pain, improve your mood, and can help improve children’s development and immunity.   But owning a pet can also be expensive. Especially with those inevitable vets bills. It …

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