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The 10 Top-Voted Absolute Worst Movies of the 2020s (So Far)

Do you have a favorite decade for movies? I’ll go first. The nineties are my jam. While there are a ton of doozies, too, I love the Disney animations from that decade, and the rom-coms are something else. After someone took to Reddit to ask about the worst films of …

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10 Shows To Check Out When You’re Bored of the Same Old Things

Is there a television series you fell in love with but nobody discusses, and you are unsure why? While enjoying my daily scroll, I encountered this question. Here are the top-voted TV shows. 1. Dead Like Me (2003- 2004) “One of my favorite all-time is Dead Like Me, which was moderately …

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10 Best Movies Where We See the Story Through Many Eyes

Do you enjoy watching movies where you see the same events from multiple perspectives? Me too! After someone took to the internet asking for examples of films like this, these are the top-voted recommendations. 1. Vantage Point (2008) This movie MUST be a part of this list. Different perspectives are …

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10 Things That Cause Death More Than People Realize

As I was mindlessly scrolling through the depths of the internet, I stumbled upon a question that piqued my curiosity: “What causes death more than people realize?” The answers were eye-opening and shocking. Here are the top-voted causes of death. 1. Driving Drowsy One noted, “It’s more dangerous than drinking …

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10 Old Movies People Want to See in the Theaters Again

Is there an old movie that you wish would be rereleased in theaters? Several Redditors weighed in on this question to deliver this list of films people would race to the theaters to see. 1. Saving Private Ryan (1998) Saving Private Ryan was an incredible watch on the big screen. One …

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How Cristiano Ronaldo Became The World’s Highest Paid Athlete

Cristiano Ronaldo, the highest-paid athlete in the world, is a name that resonates with excellence in soccer. Playing as a forward for Saudi Pro League club Al Nassr and captaining the Portugal national team, his career has seen him at Sporting CP, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus. His influence …

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How To Watch Live Sports Without Cable

Few things are more thrilling than watching live sports. That game-winning touchdown or buzzer-beater shot can create memories to last for years. Until streaming services became mainstream, you needed a pricey subscription to catch most games. That’s no longer the case. You can watch live sports without cable and save …

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50 Women Who Broke Barriers in the Music Industry

The music industry is dominated by powerful women, whether that be the record-breaking albums coming from acts like Taylor Swift or glass-ceiling-shattering boardroom executives. Of course, the music industry was not always so welcoming to women recording artists. In the early 20th century, many women were barred from performing in …

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