10 Best “Fully Loaded” Part-Time Jobs With Health Benefits, Retirement Plans and More!

Are you searching for part-time employment that offers health benefits and retirement plans? Yes, they do exist! We got you covered. Someone recently posted on a popular internet forum searching for these opportunities. So the internet responded to deliver this list of part-time positions that come fully loaded.

1. REI Outdoor Clothing and Gear

Someone shared that REI is a fantastic company selling outdoor gear and clothing. In addition, they offer health insurance after a month of employment and even for part-time employees. They clarified that the benefit packages have better options for full-time employees.

REI is ideal for people who are passionate about outdoor hobbies and is an inclusive working environment. Finally, they shared that REI offers fantastic discounts on quality clothing and gear for its employees.

2. TJX Corporation

Someone volunteered that TJX offers heavily subsidized benefits for part-time employees and has competitive benefits packages overall. They clarified that part-time entails 30+ hours a week for full-time benefits.

TJX includes T.J. Maxx, Sierra, Marshalls, HomeSense, and HomeGoods. In addition, they provide top-tier paid time off through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts, which translates to finding multiple in-network providers anywhere in the U.S. “The company even randomly adds extra money to its Vanguard 401ks (which also have minimal fees).”

Furthermore, the user informed others that TJX continued paying full-time employees their typical wages, despite the entire company being shut down during the Coronavirus pandemic.

They did warn that the most challenging part of the job is “resisting the urge” to blow your paycheck on all the neat stuff the stores take in.

3. Trader Joe’s

A former Trader Joe’s employee shared that working 15+ hours weekly earns dental and vision insurance. Working 28+ hours a week qualifies you for full-time health benefits.

They explained that it is retail and a physically demanding job. Still, the benefits are tremendous and have lower rates than other retailers’ packages. One man confessed that they considered canceling his employer’s insurance because his wife, who works at Trader Joe’s, has better rates and coverage.

4. UPS

Several people said that UPS has many career part-timers making decent money and utilizing excellent health insurance. One elaborated that people receive “generous paid time off after long-term employment.”

Another expressed that UPS package handlers as part-timers receive health benefits after nine months of employment. Further stating, “It’s everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s an option nonetheless!”

Finally, a third user shared that they worked part-time for UPS for six years and that it was physically demanding. However, they offer excellent health insurance and vacation for part-timers and full-time employees.

5. Education System 

Someone mentioned that the education system is good about providing part-time employees with benefits, including dental, vision, health insurance, and 401(k) retirement plans.

Furthermore, being a teacher assistant in public schools is an excellent choice for people who love kids. Additional perks of the position include working school hours, spring and winter break, and summers off. Noting some school districts have a fall break.

Another person recommended working at a college. They were acknowledged as full-time at 35 weekly hours but offered benefits at .5 full-time equivalent (FTE).

“So you could get full benefits at 17 hours or so and maybe even find something where you work closer to 20 when school is in but have off for summer.”

6.  Hospitality

Several hospitality jobs offer health benefits for part-time employees. For example, positions in many restaurants and hotels provide full-package benefits, including medical, dental, and vision coverage and 401(k) retirement plans.”

7.  Government Jobs

Federal and state government jobs typically include health benefits packages for part-time employees, including medical, dental, and vision. Additionally, 401(k) retirement plans.

One person shared that if you’re available for night hours and don’t mind sleeping on the floor with a sleeping bag,” then government security is a viable option.

8. Social Services

Part-time employees working in social service facilities such as nursing homes are often offered health benefits from the standard medical, dental, and vision coverage and 401(k) retirement plans.

9. Administrative Work

Another person volunteered that office administrative jobs, and customer service roles typically provide inclusive benefit packages for part-timers. One said, “I work as a call center part-time manager and receive full benefits, a retirement plan, and a generous salary.”

10. Home Depot

Many voted for Home Depot, stating they offer a decent benefits package for part-time workers, including medical, dental, vision, 401(k) retirement, and paid time off. 

We hope you enjoyed this list of part-time jobs that provide health benefits and retirement. Which job will you go for?

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