August 2013 Money Recap

money recap
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I know that it’s already nearing the end of September (how did that happen?!) but between the break-up and the new job, I’m just getting around to posting my August recap now. Better late than never, right?

Income vs. Expenses


I still was off work in August, living off my savings and some E.I.  Although I was able to get my spending down, my income was also down too, and I wasn’t able to lessen the gap between the two. I’m hoping that with my new job this gap will never be working against me again!

Since I seem to be getting a lot of traffic to my site from people looking up stuff about Medical Leave/Stress Leave, I plan to do recap post or two about that process which will include more info as to just how much of a hit my savings account took in the process.

Breakdown of Expenses


Rent & Utilities (45%)
My rent includes utilities; the extra expense listed is for my cell phone and Internet. I’m on the cheapest plans available for both. This percentage is only this high because I cut back on most non-necessities.

Car & Gas (26%)
Again, one tank of gas was enough to last me the month. The rest is for my car loan and insurance.

Dining Out (7%)
Although it’s still a fair chunk of my monthly spending, dollar-wise it’s less than half of what I typically spend in a month.

Medical (7%)
This is 3 trips to the chiropractor, and my co-pay for a prescription.

Groceries (6%)
I’m happy that my food spending for the month was almost 50/50 groceries and fast food. That’s a big deal for me! One day I’ll learn to cook, I promise.

Entertainment (5%)
This is a little high for my typical budget, but it includes 3 nights out at the bar and a little from showing my sister and her fiancee around town when they came to visit.

Personal Care (2%)
I have issues with my wrists, and I sleep with wrist braces on. The ones I had were getting pretty worn-out and I found some for half-price, so I got those. They aren’t as comfortable, but they work.

Pets (1%)
Cat food, cat litter.

Gifts (1%)
Technically, this is a donation I made to the ASPCA through The Daily Tay, after Taylor posted about 367 dogs being rescued after a dog-fighting raid. I simply couldn’t say no!

Miscellaneous (<1%)
Just a printing fee to have a copy of my resume with me at my second interview.

Fees (<0%)
Tiny monthly bank fee.

Student Loan (0%)

Savings (0%)
Double boo.

So What?

August was HARD. A lot of “me” and “my life” ended in August. It definitely was a month that will forever shape who I am, and I hope my life never reaches that low ever again.  (I had to look up a lot when putting this together because I’ve blocked a lot of my August memories.) Thank you again everyone for all your help and support getting me through it!

Thankfully, when the calendar page turned to September, my luck seemed to change with it.  This is a new beginning.

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10 thoughts on “August 2013 Money Recap

  1. Liquid

    Hot diggity! To me it looks like the gap between your income/expenses is narrowing month after month 8-) Hope to see even better numbers for Sept with your new job and all. Who knows, maybe you’ll even end up with some savings ;)


    1. Amanda

      The gap is smaller – that’s a good point!
      The September numbers are going to be better in theory, but because I don’t get paid until October 4th it’s going to look messy at first. If my lame attempt at math is correct, I should be able to pimp out my savings like crazy once the paychecks begin :)


  2. DC @ Young Adult Money

    I love the charts! Housing expenses are definitely the biggest area of my monthly expenses as well as student loans. Unfortunately I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


    1. Amanda

      I’m excited for the day when Student Loans show up on my expenses again. Not paying them off at all is frustrating!
      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Hayley @ A Disease Called Debt

    Things are on the up for you lady! The job sounds great and the August finances are looking really promising for the future!


    1. Amanda

      Finally, huh?!? :) September will be even better. More expenses, but a whole lot more income too!


  4. Dear Debt

    Wow just getting caught up with all the craziness in your life! I’ve so been there and my heart is with you. Love the charts as well and I hope things even out for you soon.


    1. Amanda

      Thanks! Hopefully this is the turning point I need to get back on track!


  5. Laura

    Good for you for getting through August! Hopefully September will find things looking up for you! :)


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