A Bad Case of the Mondays

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I’m not normally one to complain about Mondays, but this past Monday was definitely Garfield worthy:

Within the first hour at work, I got yelled at by a parent, and then we had an entire school cancel their tickets to a performance due to the teacher strike.  A lot of the funding for my department is based on attendance so this will not help my chances of getting a raise anytime soon.

On Sunday, I woke to find a puddle of water in front of my fridge, and everything thawing in my freezer.  Called the landlord, turned up the temperature, and started to cook what I could because the fridge was fine.  (In theory having nearly a pound of bacon to myself was a great idea! But trust me, the novelty wore off quickly.)  By lunch when my landlord came by, things were the same – freezer dying, fridge fine. I didn’t get home from work until 9:30pm, and upon checking it, a wave of heat came out of both the freezer and the fridge.  So all that food I spent Sunday cooking was garbage.  Fortunately, I don’t cook; my fridge contained mostly beer and condiments and I ate most of what was in my freezer last month when I vowed to spend less on fast-food. I still threw out at least $100 worth of food though, and will have to replace a lot of it.  Now I’m back to relying on the fast-food and the few groceries I can leave at work, as it’ll be at least another day before my fridge is fixed/replaced.  (Thankfully this expense falls on the landlord!) But this is still going to cost me.

Amongst all this, I also discovered that someone keyed my car in the parking lot at work. There is a scratch all the way down the passenger side. Thankfully it’s just a scratch and not a swastika or something offensive, but still, it made me cry.  Although it’s not a priority at this point, I do plan to talk to dealership about fixing it next time I bring my car in. So this too will cost me.


And lastly, my wisdom teeth. I gotta get those suckers pulled out of my face. Although I have benefits at work, I found out on Monday that they won’t cover the whole $1900, and I’m going to have to pay $400-$500 out of pocket. Because one tooth is growing into a nerve, I’m going to need at least 4 days to recover, meaning I have to burn a few vacation days (because we don’t get sick days here).  Another thing that’s going to cost me.

All in all, I estimate this Monday is going to unexpectedly cost me $600-$850 (or more?).  I guess this is why all the PF bloggers stress the importance of an emergency fund, huh?


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1 thought on “A Bad Case of the Mondays”

  1. Aww Amanda, that really blows. Especially about your car! Ours has a few dings but the worst was done by someone who smashed into it then drove off without leaving a note (big dent in the front bumper corner and nasty paint scratches – looks awful). People suck sometimes.

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