5 Ways To Save Money On Recreation

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Last Updated on December 21, 2020

It’s always important in life to find ways to entertain yourself. Making a little bit of time for yourself is a great way to stay relaxed, keep stress at a minimum, and generally maintain a positive outlook. As true as this may be, however, seeking out recreation for yourself is also a quick and easy way to rack up unnecessary costs – which, of course, can leave you more stressed out than you would otherwise have been!

For this reason, we’ve written up some ways to save money on common forms of recreation, and thus enjoy the best of both worlds: some amusement for yourself and a bit more financial responsibility as well!

1. Push Back Release Dates

This is a little bit of a mental trick and it can take some time to get in the habit. Once you do though, it’s sort of ingenious. If you’re one to enjoy new movies, new musical albums, or even new game or book releases, it means you’ve probably fallen prey to initial prices that can be quite a bit higher than they will be in time. So, instead of marking a release date on your calendar and preparing to buy something new right away, note the release date, push it back a month, and see if you can get whatever it may be cheaper. As long as you set a later date in your mind, you won’t recognize the difference, and you’ll save money every time.

2. Track Subscriptions

One of the easiest ways to lose money on recreation in the modern world is through subscriptions. They might be to audiobook channels, music, TV, or film streaming services, certain aspects of mobile games, or a range of other things. And as is in their best interests, apps and electronic services tend to make it very easy to sign up for these subscriptions, very easy to completely forget that payments are being taken out of an account regularly, and somewhat difficult to view the deal or cancel the agreement. That’s all well and good for the subscriptions you use regularly, but almost inevitably there will be some you stop using that continue to drain your funds. There are ways of tracking and managing your payments in this regard, however, and by taking advantage of them you can save a fairly significant amount of money each month.

3. Find Free & Discounted Games

Gaming is such a popular form of entertainment that it naturally drains a lot of money from modern people looking for recreation. Sometimes it’s unavoidable; if you’re a console gamer and a new title is coming out, the best you can do is to perhaps mentally delay the release date and hope to get it $10 cheaper than it is when it first hits shelves or stores. Other kinds of gaming, however, can be enjoyed freely or cheaply. If you enjoy mobile games, for instance, there’s almost always a free alternative to a paid game that’s just as good, or practically identical. Even in casino gaming – which by its nature is supposed to require money – you don’t have to spend much. Completely free gaming options are available at numerous sites online, and are every bit as good if you’re just looking for some amusement.

4. Get Into Board Games

This may seem like a random suggestion, and perhaps it is – but board games have had something of a comeback. Some are available as digital adaptations and can be played solo, which is certainly a decent way to pass the time with some light, casual recreation. In other cases though, people are actually gathering together to play board games again, and it’s a good trend to get on board with if you feel like you spend too much money entertaining yourself.

5. Embrace Podcasts

Speaking of trendy forms of entertainment or recreation, you can’t get much trendier than podcasting these days. We can’t say it better than a general overview that referred to them as a “favorite free form of entertainment,” for that’s just what they are. Call them modern radio, audio news, new forms of books or storytelling, new alternatives to visual media, or whatever else may apply. The bottom line is that without spending a dime you can download dozens, or even hundreds of podcasts that can keep you entertained at all hours of the day. If you take to them as much as some people do, they may even enable you to cancel some subscriptions to other forms of entertainment you just don’t need to use as much.

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