30 Fun Facts About Me For My 30th Birthday

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Today is my second 29th 30th birthday!

Sadly I’m not celebrating with a trip to New York city like last year, or England like the year before (but how nice would that be right about now???).  Instead it’ll be a quiet day at home, slowly watching the “Happy Birthday’s” fill my Facebook wall and Twitter feed, hopefully followed by dinner with the boyfriend.  Nothing too exciting, but it sure beats being stuck in the office all day!

In honour of this glorious day, I’m taking a bit of a break from all of the heavy things I’ve been writing about on here, and instead going to share 30 fun facts about me!!  You’re welcome :)


1. My initials are ABC.  So are both of my sisters.  We were told as children that we have to marry someone with a “D” last name, but that hasn’t’ really panned out thus far.

2. I can shake my eyeballsHere’s a video of some kid doing it on YouTube so you can see what I mean.  But I wish I could raise only one eyebrow at a time.  I hate you a little if you can.

3. I was obsessed with Saved by the Bell in elementary school, Dawson’s Creek in high school, and One Tree Hill in (and after) university.

4. Animal heads on peoples bodies freaks me out!  But I’m okay with animals wearing people clothes.

5. My dad is the only person that can call me Mandy.  It’d be weird if he called me Amanda.  


6. I had insomnia for years in my late teens/early 20’s.   It sucked and almost made me fail a few classes.

7. Talking about needles is enough to make me pass out.  It’s happened a few times, and I often have to tell my boyfriend to stop talking about work (he’s a paramedic) so it doesn’t happen again.

8. I got my beginners driver’s license at age 16 – and had it until I was 23.

9. I can’t ride a bike.  At least, I assume as much – I haven’t tried in over 20 years.

10. I was Baby Spice.


11. If I have a “boyfriend” in my dreams, he’s almost always represented by my first crush.   Don’t worry, he’s aged accordingly.

12.  I’ve wanted braces since I was probably 8 or 9.  If I had the money I’d still consider it.

13. I don’t like eating and wish I could survive off of smoothies and juice.  And beer.

14. … Except for Subway.  I could eat Subway every day.

15. I wear glasses all the time.  Technically I first started wearing glasses for reading back in Grade 6, but it wasn’t until grad school that I needed them all the time.


16. I love me a good pun!

17. I lived in the same house until I was 16.  Since then, I’ve had 12 different addresses.

18. When my family and I moved, the population of my new high school was the same as the population of my hometown (about 2,500 people).

19.  I sleep with wrist braces on. My joints are just… bad… I had my knee cap pop out of place once too, but that’s too gross to talk about.

20. The lead singer of the mildly successful Canadian rock band Serial Joe, came to my hotel to meet me and my family when we were in the area around Christmas 1998.  His mom made him.


21. My living room is orange.  With dark brown and hot pink accents.  It’s amazing.

22. Some of the things I used to want to be “when I grow up” include: teacher, writer, actor, singer, realtor, news reporter…. and a meter maid.  I was a such a dreamer back then.

23.  I tried being a vegetarian my freshman year at University, and almost died cuz I did it wrong. Ok, so I didn’t actually almost die, but the major vitamin deficiencies made me really sick.

24.  My two favourite songs are 23 by Jimmy Eat World and All The Same by the Sick Puppies. If you haven’t heard ’em before I suggest doing so.

25. But David Cook is my favourite musician.  I have a framed, autographed picture of him in my living room thanks to Cara.


26. I constantly skip songs on my playlist, or on the radio in the car. I’m sure it’s really annoying to others.

27. I frequently google myself. What?  It’s perfectly healthy!

28. Joining Phi Sigma Sigma sorority was the best decision I’ve ever made. Yes, I’m a sorority girl!

29. My “Sister of the Year” award means more to me than my degree. Seriously.

30. I’m going to own a lot of dogs if/when I can afford it.  If not, I’ll just get a lot of cats instead.


Feel free to share a fun fact or two about yourself in the comments below :)

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5 thoughts on “30 Fun Facts About Me For My 30th Birthday

  1. Michelle

    Love this! I wish I didn’t like to eat. I am such a foodie!


  2. CeCe @Frugalista Married

    I was totally obsessed with Dawson’s Creek too! Love it. And ABC for initials is totally cool. If you don’t marry someone with a D for a last name you better keep your maiden name. : )


  3. Mom

    You forgot to mention that you used to carry your “pocket pig” everywhere you went.


  4. Alaina

    Shake your eyes for me: http://youtu.be/i2r8dfu8i_E

    Also, #26 is not a surprise to anyone who has ever been in a car with you.


  5. Katy

    I shake my eyeballs too! You know how kids spin around in circles and then drop to the floor and the room spins? I think I either figured out how to shake my eyeballs that way or by trying to clearly see things as they zoomed quickly by the car when we drove fast.


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