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Career & Job Searching Resources

500+ Descriptive Words by My Life, I Guess...

500+ Descriptive Words

It’s easy to get stuck when it comes to describing your personality, your work style and your interpersonal skills. Whether it’s on your resume, in your cover letter, during an interview, or part of your “elevator pitch”, here are 500+ positive adjectives and descriptive words that you can use.

How to Find Job Satisfaction - My Work Values Checklist by My Life, I Guess

How to Find Job Satisfaction

In order to find job satisfaction, you need a job that matches your work values. These are the characteristics of a job that are important and appealing to you.  Knowing your values can help you figure out which careers are right for you, and which ones aren’t.

Does Your Resume Pass the 6 Second Test? by My Life, I Guess

Does Your Resume Pass the 6 Second Test?

They say that recruiters only look at your resume for an average of only 6 seconds. To help your resume pass the glace-test, make sure it meets all of these points.