10 Easier Jobs To Do That Aren’t Boring

Are you searching for some kicked-back employment opportunities that aren’t too dull? Then, we’ve got you covered. After someone asked the internet for examples of these positions, these were the top-voted jobs.

1. Machine Operator in a Food Processing Plant

One person shared that being a machine operator in a food processing plant is a fantastic easier job that can make great money. They were allowed to read books.

However, they explained that they had to “occasionally look up to verify that sticks were still going into ice creams.” If something does go wrong, there is a button that alerts an engineer to troubleshoot the repair.

Another user added that when they were younger, they worked in factories between jobs, and the veteran operators made fantastic money.

2. Hospital Administrator

Someone mentioned doing hospital administration work for a low-stress job with no required skills. It entails filing paperwork and chatting it up with colleagues to keep your mind occupied. They stated that the pay is very reasonable and said, “once you walk out the door, you don’t have to think about work.”

3. Food Delivery Platform

Delivery ride-share programs are a minimal-stress job with several opportunities, including Instacart, Door Dash, Uber Eats, and Postmates. The position allows you the freedom to create your work schedule. In addition, it provides ample time for binging your favorite podcasts, enjoying an audible book, or jamming out to your favorite music.

One driver shared that the key to success is picking peak lunch, dinner, and after-hour times. Others added metro areas tend to tip better and stay busier. Additionally, you see the tip and trip distance before accepting any deliveries.

Finally, a third added that sometimes waiting at restaurants, in drive-thrus, and finding parking can be a pain, but it’s “quite a simple and easy job.”

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4. Salesforce Administrator

One person explained you could “Make six figures by clicking buttons in a customer relations management system.”

First, spend a weekend online to become qualified. Then, make the big bucks. Another added that salesforce administrators have massive salaries and noted, “if I wanted an easy way to make real money, that’s where I’d go.”

5. Dealers at a Casino

Being a casino dealer is an easy way to make money. One dealer explained it is fun to “play games for a living.” The job is ideal for extroverted personalities who enjoy socializing with the people around them. They clarified the pay is excellent.

Another replied that being a casino dealer was as close to being paid for having fun as it gets. Also, dealing with poker and blackjack gets easier after practice, and you can make a ton of money.

6. Learn to Program

Getting into IT can be a very lucrative business with remote positions for people who want to work in sweatpants or pajamas. Someone shared that they enjoy solving problems and make $6,000 weekly in their current contract with an American startup business.

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7. Dispatching

One person informed readers that public safety dispatch is an easy job that’s not boring but offers no development or promotion. The job entails “turn up, reactively dispatch jobs, do checks, log units on and off, talk on the radio, no paperwork, no deliverables, and you leave on time.

8. Property Management

Someone suggested that property management is the way to go but to choose commercial management over domestic.

They advised their father worked this position later in life and still discusses it being easy money. “However, office politics sometimes make for minor stresses.”

9. Auditing

Another volunteered that their father had good structure, routine, and high job satisfaction as an auditor. Additionally, it creates an opportunity for career progression and international travel if you want, and it’s an easy way to meet people and make lots of money.

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10. Working at an Arcade

Finally, one user shared that they managed an arcade back in college and that it was super easy and fun. They were allowed to play endless arcade games in a very chill environment of people primarily having a fantastic time.

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or are the easier jobs you know of that aren’t dull? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of My Life, I Guess.

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