Need Help With Your Bills? How to Get Financial Assistance

a couple looking over their unpaid bills

Life is usually good when you have enough money to pay your bills, not have debt, and enjoy the leftover money you may have. Now, if you get laid off, life gets a bit more stressful. The bills you may have started eating up into your savings, and you will be at a place where …

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How Setting Up a Sinking Fund Gives You Financial Protection

budgeting money

It’s challenging to cover a significant expense in a short duration. Some people go into debt over it. A well-established sinking fund helps shield life’s unexpected events, protects your financial goals, and promotes better budgeting. What Is a Sinking Fund? A sinking fund is a cash reserve in your account that holds calculated funds for …

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Want to Join the 1%? Then Quit Living Like the Other 99

a rich couple with a private airplane

I know, this sounds super condescending. Maybe even over-simplified. Things are never really THAT simple, are they? Fair enough.    So here, let’s put it another way. If you want to be above average, then you can’t keep acting like you’re average. Living an above-average life means you’re making decisions consistent with being above average, not just average. Like my …

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Get Paid To Nap: 12 Ways To Earn Money While You Sleep

sleeping with a cat on the bed

Make money while you sleep – it sounds like a dream – but could it come true? Everybody loves napping. A good nap can help reenergize us and power through our day. Everybody loves making money while they sleep too. There’s nothing better than passive income piling up for the eight hours you (hopefully) sleep …

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How Saving When You’re Young Impacts Your Overall Wealth

a mother and daughter putting money into a piggy bank

Written by: Mindy Charski Half of American adults started 2022 with a desire to boost their savings. That admirable intention could prove easier for those who developed good savings habits at a young age. After all, it’s possible kids who get used to regularly depositing some allowance funds in their piggy bank won’t think twice …

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Is Your Right Hand Itching? You Could Be in Luck!

holding money in a right hand

Has your right hand been itching, giving you a strange feeling that something is about to happen?  An itchy hand can happen for several reasons. Still, somehow, if our right hand is the one itching, we immediately think of superstitions related to it.  There are many superstitious interpretations of an itchy right hand, ranging from …

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This is How a Home Warranty Can Save You Lots of Money

If you’ve purchased a home or are on the market for one, someone will mention the need for a home warranty policy. The big questions though are what they cover and whether or actually not you need one. We’re here to help you decide the answers to these questions. What Is a Home Warranty? A …

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How to Invest in Stocks: A Beginner’s Guide

For people new to investing, understanding how to invest in stocks can feel intimidating. Typical questions beginners may have are where to go and how much money to start. However, there is often more than just the mechanics of investing in stocks. Investors must also understand their financial goals before investing.  The following is a …

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40 Easy Side Hustles That Pay Well

a woman working from home on a laptop and cell phone

If there is one financial lesson I learned from the pandemic, it has to be the importance of diversifying my income. So many lost their steady 9 to 5 full-time jobs with no other income streams. What better way to diversify your income than having a side hustle? There are many side hustles that pay …

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15 Delicious Cheap Meals That’ll Save You Money

a family eating dinner together

Going out to restaurants and eating fast food can be incredibly expensive. One of the most significant ways to stretch your budget is by making cheap meals at home. To save money on groceries, you need to get creative by cooking cheap recipes.  People commonly associate eating on a budget with eating things like packaged …

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