myVEGAS Slots: Earn Free Travel Playing Your Favorite Casino Games

Las Vegas sign

Everyone likes to save money on travel, and luckily, there are plenty of great ways to get away without breaking the bank. Travel hacking is an industry in and of itself, with rewards, credit cards, loyalty programs, and a slew of travel deals to peruse and snatch up. What if you could earn free travel …

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How to Choose the Best Wedding Registry In 2021 and Beyond

wedding gift table

Needless to say, finding the best wedding registry can be difficult. Whether you’re determining your wedding style, researching wedding venues, or narrowing down the flowers you would love to see throughout your arrangements on your wedding day, your wedding planning journey will be filled with plenty of learning and leaning on experts and those who …

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Google for Jobs: What Is It and How to Use It to Find a New Job or New Employee

a laptop with Google on its screen

If you’ve ever searched for a job on Google, you’ve already seen Google for Jobs in action.  Just like Google itself, it searches for job postings and shows you the best results all in one place. It gathers this information from some of the top job sites like ZipRecruiter, Monster, and LinkedIn and from various …

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4 Easy Ways to Celebrate National Financial Awareness Day

3 children laughing and throwing money into the air

Every year, August 14th is celebrated as National Financial Awareness Day. This holiday is all about making yourself and everyone around you more aware of the financial tips and tricks that can lead you down a path of wellbeing, independence, and prosperity. The financial world is always changing, so it’s important to stay up to …

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Helpful Tips on Writing Strong Job Advertisements from a Career Expert

young women looking for a job with a laptop and newspaper

Employers use job advertisements to attract candidates to apply to their current job openings. But writing strong and effective job advertisements that accurately describe the position and entice potential candidates to apply can be tricky, though.   As someone who has helped hundreds of businesses with their hiring needs by creating and marketing their job ads, …

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Top Financial Certifications to Know Before You Hire a Financial Advisor or Coach

a couple meeting with a financial advisor

Before you hire a financial professional, it’s important to consider their qualifications to ensure they have the right education and experience for your individual circumstances. Unlike the medical and legal professions that require years of study and advanced degrees among other rigorous requirements before someone can claim to be a doctor or lawyer, financial professionals …

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20 Cheap Travel Destinations Across America For Fun-Filled Vacations

91% of Americans are looking to practice better personal finance habits. So when it comes time for a vacation, don’t drain all your savings, or even worse, go into credit card debt. With over 19,000 cities in America, there are many fantastic places for a vacation outside of expensive towns like Waikiki, San Diego, Washington …

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17 Summer Part-Time Jobs To Get You Extra Cash

summer camp counselors with kids playing

Need some extra money this summer? Here are some summer part-time jobs that can net you serious cash! Summer is a time for vacations and relaxation. For many people, it is also a time to earn extra money. Getting a part-time job in the summer is an opportunity to make some extra money during the …

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Here Are 40 of the Best Ways To Make Extra Money

wallet full of cash

Want to put extra cash in your pocket? You can find ways to make extra money on the side that can be lucrative and fun. All you need to make extra money is an open mind, motivation, grit, and determination to use your creativity and skills you may already have or can grow. Find a …

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Budget Excel Template: 5 Best (and Free) Budgeting Tools

Are you wanting to keep track of your budget but don’t know where to start? A budget excel template is a great option to easily track your budget without getting bogged down in all the details of some of the more complicated tools. Whether you are saving for your next vacation or getting a handle …

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65 Funny Life Quotes to Put a Smile on Your Face

little girl laughing

Today we live at the crux of many generations. Some of these generations have lived through world wars, the space age, and the rise of computers and technology. Some are still trying to figure out life. But no matter what generation you belong to, everyone claims that they have the best formula for success and …

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