Give The Gift of "Me Time"


What better way to show your family and friends you care than with a thoughtful self-care gift that's just for them?

If you're on a budget, don't worry - we've got you covered with these 50+ self-care gift ideas for under $50 that everyone on your list will love!

Skincare products really are a great way to pamper yourself from head to toe

Health and Well-Being Gift Ideas

Take some time to nourish your creative side with an arts and crafts set

Self Care Activities and Hobbies Gift Ideas

Fill the pages with ideas, reflections,  to-do lists, doodles, dreams, plans, or whatever your heart desires

Journals & Planners

Herbal Tea Kits: Tea is a well-known stress reliever, or you’re never too old for candy

Gift Ideas You Can Eat or Drink

Light therapy is a scientifically proven way to help counteract these negative effects

Gift Ideas for the Office or Workspace

Use blackout curtains to fall asleep fast and a sunrise alarm clock to wake up gently

Gift Ideas To Sleep Better

Nothing says self-care more than taking a long, hot luxurious bath

Spa-Like Self Care Gift Ideas To Relax

Lounge around your house in comfort with a soft, cozy robe and fuzzy slippers

Gift Ideas That You Can Wear

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