Help Your Unemployed Loved Ones with These Practical Gift Ideas

Being unemployed is incredibly difficult.  You probably know someone close to you that’s been laid off, let go, or looking for a new, better job.

A thoughtful gift could really go a long way. Think about what they need or that would help them out the most.

Here are some practical gift ideas, great for any occasion that will not only show them you care, but can help them through this challenging time.

Job searching resources and supplies make great, thoughtful gifts to give to someone who is unemployed

Gift Ideas To Help Your Job Search

Self care is crucial no matter who you are or what’s going on in your life

Gift Ideas To Help You Take Care of Yourself

Annual memberships make great gifts, or sign-up for a class together

Gift Ideas to Help You Learn and Grow

Giving gifts that everyone in the household can use is a great idea

Gift Ideas To Help Your Household

It’s probably one of the best gifts for someone that’s unemployed so that they can decide to shop for what they need most

Gift Card Ideas

Spend quality time with them.  Get them out of the house. Just be there for them.

Gift Ideas to Help That Don’t Cost A Thing

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