Find Your Fit: 11 Free Career Personality Tests

Finding a career is one of the most daunting tasks an adult can face. Adults change career paths between 3-7 times throughout their lives.

Starting your career or considering a career change is a huge step, but you may not know which job you want to pursue.

These sites can help you find what you enjoy doing and show you what career suits your abilities, education, and experience.

On average, this free career test is completed within five to ten minutes and takes into account your focus, ability to communicate, emotional responses, and logic.

What Career Is Right For Me?

This free career personality test is aimed at those with numerous interests who do not know how to use them to find a suitable career path.


Truity’s Career Personality Profiler will help match you to the right career based on more than just your education and experience.


These tests cover your interests and abilities, work values, learning style, multiple intelligences, and how you prefer to work.

Government of Canada – Career Planning

CareerFitter has been one of the leading websites for finding the best-fitting career for over 20 years. It is designed for both students and adults alike.


Located in Australia, this free career test is a simplified version best used for someone who knows what they want but may not be 100% certain of which path to take.


This free career test normally takes five to ten minutes to complete and is aimed at visual test takers or learners. The instructions are to use the images provided to complete the test.


11 Free Career Personality Tests You Can’t Afford to Miss

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