Have You Planned For Your Best Self?

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It can often be hard to imagine that we will ever completely achieve all of our goals. But why not? Why does that feeling often haunt us?

Is it that we’re not good enough? Not likely.

Is it because there’s a chance that circumstance might fall in our way and prevent us from ever achieving things? It could happen, but the chances are slim.

Or is it because we simply haven’t exercised a real roadmap of our goals, and thus they remain vague? This is likely the cause.

There are many reasons to keep your goals vague. It means you don’t have to fear failure because you haven’t even tried yet. It means you always have the possibility to think ahead and that can feel freeing.

For example, we can often feel fully energized in the morning, wondering what the day will bring us. Then the evening comes, and that feeling of possibility wanes.

But it is possible to plan for your best self and achieve your goals. Consider the following advice and you might do just that:

Educational Roadmaps

It can be extremely worthwhile to plan your own personal educational roadmaps regarding who you are and what you wish to achieve over time.

This can help you not only plan a direct path to the career you want but help you avoid the potential of experiencing difficulty and vagueness in your ambitions.

It might be that you wish to enter an apprenticeship program right after leaving education. It might be that you study an online course – click here for the degree you might be the most interested in. It could be that you wish to follow in the footsteps of someone who inspires you. You hope to start out at the low rung of a business and work your way up.

What matters is how you take direct control over your educational roadmap, so you can find your way to what you really want to do in life. After all, if you don’t have your own plan, you’ll often find yourself being caught up in someone else’s.

Biographies & Inspiration

In order to move forward and develop yourself, you’ll need inspiration. You’ll need to know what’s possible. You’ll also need to know what’s impossible if you ever hope to break through that.

This is how innovation happens, and it can educate us to a stronger degree than we might be expecting.

No matter who you are, finding inspiration can help you develop. It can come through reading biographies of those you are inspired by, such as the most influential women of history.

Without inspiration, a dream in your mind, and the ambition to follow it, you’ll never be burning the initial inspirational fire you need to help you somersault over challenges.


Planning for your best self can be a rigid and sometimes suffocating thing to experience. This is because many people don’t factor in flexibility.

Of course, there are those that say you should never develop a plan B so you can focus all of your attention on plan A, but that is simply illogical. There are more factors at play than your ambition and work ethic. While we should develop ourselves, we should also understand nothing is guaranteed.

For example, let’s say you wish to make it as a great chef. You have a job as a sous chef in a relatively nice restaurant in your hometown. It goes well. But then you have the opportunity to work as a kitchen porter for Gordon Ramsay.

Of course, a kitchen porter is several steps below a sous chef. However, the opportunity is there. Gordon Ramsay’s empire is likely not going anywhere soon, and you have promotional potential through his kitchens if you work hard enough.

If you’re rigid in your planning, you’ll likely not wish to downgrade your job role, even if potentially working in a truly high-end restaurant. But if you’re flexible you seize opportunities, weight up the pros and cons, and decide that sometimes, being open to a new avenue is better than not.

This attitude can especially work in the earlier days, where handling tasks and developing yourself could come through in many ways. Never be too proud to pass up an opportunity.

With these tips, planning for your best self should be something that everyone can achieve.


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