Let’s Talk About Wedding Flowers, Shall We?

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Last Updated on December 21, 2020

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A wedding day simply would not be complete without stunning flowers. They play a critical role in creating a warm and romantic atmosphere, and, needless to say, they look beautiful too. With that being said, read on to discover some of the different ways you can incorporate wedding flowers into your big day.

Of course, we all know about the tradition of carrying a flower bouquet while walking down the aisle, but there are various other ways that flowers can be a part of your wedding day. One option is to incorporate flowers into your wedding vehicle, be it a luxurious car or a horse and carriage. Flower archways are another popular option to consider. You can adorn the entrance to your wedding reception venue with a floral archway, and the great thing about this is that you can get really creative with the variety of flowers that are included in the archway design.

One of the most stunning options is to have flowers down the aisle. From covering the aisle in a million rose petals to having a few small trees or flower arrangements lighting the way to your loved one, the options are endless. Have you considered putting flowers in your hair? More and more people are stepping away from the traditional veil and going for hair accessories instead. Finally, why not decorate the tables with wedding flowers? You don’t have to go for a centrepiece; you could place a flower on each of your guests’ plates.

Choosing Your Wedding Flower Colour Scheme

There is a lot to consider when buying wedding flowers for your special day. If you take a look on the web, you will see that you have a wide selection of wedding flowers to choose from. To narrow down your search effectively, one of the key decisions you need to make is what colour flowers to go for. Read on for a helping hand.

Green wedding bouquets are growing in popularity, as more and more people prefer to go for more natural and simplistic bouquets, including the likes of green hydrangeas, cacti, and orchids. If your bridesmaids are wearing pink, green flowers will create a romantic Victorian theme. Yellow flowers are cheerful and vibrant, making them ideal for such a joyous occasion. Lemon is a good shade to go for, as it is softer and more romantic. If you want to go for a classic theme, you should team your white wedding dress with a red bouquet, as this symbolises sensuality, passion, and romance.

One of the most interesting and beautiful combinations to go for is dark purple paired with a brightly coloured flower, such as yellow or lime green. If you want something pretty and feminine, pink fresh wedding flowers are a must. Why not combine different shades of pink roses? Finally, it would not be right to talk about wedding flowers without mentioning one of the most iconic choices, and this is, of course, white flower bouquets. White goes great with all coloured dresses, and white fresh flowers look stunning with dark green leaves.

Bold Flower Centerpieces

A lot of people like to decorate with flowers because not only are they beautiful, but they hold special meanings too, and this helps to create a loving and warm atmosphere – perfect for your big day. Read on to discover some bold flower centrepieces to consider.

If you take a look on the Internet, you will see that there are a lot of companies that offer a flower delivery service, providing interesting arrangements and unique designs, and so it is certainly worth getting a professional to do the hard work for you. You can order your flowers online and then have them sent to you; it’s as easy as that.

One idea is to go for fresh wedding flowers that are placed in a unique ‘vase’. From vintage jugs to teacups, there are a wide variety of unusual and beautiful options available to you. Instead of going for one big flower arrangement, you could opt for lots of little ones, and then have decorations surrounding them, such as candles, ribbon, pearls, or even more flowers. This gives you a way of creating a bold table centrepiece without simply selecting the biggest and most vibrant flowers you can see. You could have your flowers displayed in a unique shape, such as a heart, or you could have them designed to look like a flower tree. Finally, one of the easiest ways to create a bold centrepiece with flowers is to opt for bright colour combinations, such as orange, pink, and yellow.

Tips On Choosing Your Bouquet

First and foremost, you should always choose your dress before you start looking at different fresh flower bouquets. You need to ensure they complement each other well. The design of the bouquet is dependant on the detail, shape, and style of your dress, which is why you should always have a photo of your dress handy while shopping for a bouquet. You also need to think about the size and the shape of your dress so you can choose the best fresh flowers. You should always ensure that the flowers are smaller than your waist.

A lot of people want to make their bouquet personal. There are various ways you can do this. You could incorporate something that is special to you, such as an antique brooch, or you may want your bouquet to carry a beautiful message by choosing flowers that have a significant meaning. You also want your bouquet to be comfortable. After all, you are going to be carrying it all day. Last but not least, devise a budget before you start shopping. It is likely you already have a wedding budget and you don’t want to risk overspending.

So there you have it: the ultimate guide to wedding flowers. We hope that this has helped with your special day!

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