5 Challenges To Overcome & Achieve Success

Women In STEM:

Women have made progress because of increased opportunities and companies being more mindful of improving their diversity by having women at the table.

Feeling intimidated and lack of confidence or imposter syndrome; lack of transparency with our colleagues and lower salary; fighting pre-conceived assumptions about our lifestyles and goals; lack of guidance and mentorship.

What Are Some Of These Challenges?

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When you’re feeling overwhelmed or intimidated, one technique that helps is to break down your tasks.

Confidence & Intimidation

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Ask questions to as many people as you can. Understand as well what your industry standards are.

Lack Of Transparency

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Speak to the appropriate people so that you can continue to make waves.

Fighting Societal Assumptions Over Gender Roles

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The best thing I can say is if you feel there’s no one, ask anyway until you find someone.

Finding Mentorship

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Find people on the same path and reach out. Have weekly check-ins.

Lack Of A Community Or Support Network

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