When You Can’t Afford Christmas

7 Important Things To Do

The holiday season is here.  For some, this is a wonderful and exciting time of the year.  But for those who can’t afford Christmas, it can be rather stressful and depressing.

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Keep it simple: Who is most important to you? What traditions are you not willing to give up?


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Then taking your priorities into account, start assigning the amount you can spend on each category, person, or activity.  Make sure your total doesn’t exceed what your budget allows.


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The more time you give yourself, the better chance you have to find the perfect gift at an affordable price.

Start Early

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If you’re crafty, handy, or artistic in any way, why not put your skills to use and make your own handmade gifts? Bake cookies, up-cycle those mason jars, knit a scarf, build a wooden bench, or put together a gift basket.

Get Creative

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Instead of buying gifts for everyone on your list, hold a Secret Santa or gift exchange with a set dollar limit.  It will help reduce stress and help keep your spending within your budget.

Skip the Gifts

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