After My Master’s Degree?

What Should I Do

Finishing a master’s degree is a big deal. Countless hours spent tackling reading lists, group projects, and thesis research have finally come to fruition.

To help ensure master’s students have a plan for life after grad school, many universities and even some departments offer career resources and services.

Utilize University Career Resources and Networking

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Finding a position that balances passion and professional development can be a good place to start.

Entering the Workforce

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 A doctorate degree (PhD) could be a way to develop specialized knowledge and stand out from the pack.

Continuing Education

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Some graduates utilize their master’s credentials to teach college courses as a full-time or adjunct lecturer.

Teach College Courses

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Volunteers working on programs related to agriculture, environment, health, community and economic development.

National Service

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Creating a budget can help keep you on track to save for things like retirement.

Budgeting for Life After Grad School

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