Use Your Paid Time Off - Don't You Lose It!

We are increasingly paying more attention to how our jobs affect our health. We want a healthier work-life balance that includes more paid time off and are willing to change jobs to get paid sick days and more vacation time.

But roughly half of the workers in America don’t use all of their time off. Not taking time off of work is a problem. You’ve worked hard to earn your PTO, and it’s time you start using it!  It’s good for you, your health, and your career.

Why Aren’t People Using Their PTO?

Some are hesitant because their managers don’t support it. Others fear resentment or retribution from their coworkers. Many don’t use their vacation days because they can’t afford to travel.

Why You Need Time Off

Time away from your job is good for you. We are not designed always to be working. When you feel burned out from work, you bring this stress and negativity home. Taking time off reduces stress and increases productivity and creativity. 

Without time off, you become physically and emotionally drained. Your work performance declines, and so does your job satisfaction. Many unwelcomed physical side effects can also come from not taking a break from work.

remember: No rule says you can only use your vacation days to travel!

Go camping. Or to the beach.  Catch up on personal projects. Spend time with your friends and family.  Do whatever else you keep putting off doing because you “don’t have the time.” 

Employers Need to Encourage PTO

Employers can also reap the benefits of giving their staff paid time off. An appealing PTO policy will attract qualified candidates and reduce turnover. It also improves the overall work environment.

Happy, rested employees are much more productive and pleasant to be around. That can help build stronger business relationships, leading to more customers or clients and increasing the business’s bottom line.

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