Things to Bring to  a Job Interview

Be Interview Ready!


Congratulations, you have been selected to be interviewed!  You are now one step closer to getting a job offer.

This is your chance to show you are the ideal candidate for the position.  Your look, attitude, and responses to questions are critical in determining whether or not you will be hired.

But what do you bring to an interview, aside from your abundant charm? With these essentials on hand, you can feel less stressed and more confident.

When meeting the interviewer, they may not have your resume printed out. If you have extra, this will show them that you anticipated it and are ready.

Copies of Your Resume

During your interview, you want to show respect to the interviewers. If your phone goes off during an interview, it can be very distracting and cause problems.

A Silent Phone

You may need to jot down contact information or anything important mentioned in the interview process. The interviewer will also know you are interested in the job by taking notes.

Pen and Paper

By showing the interviewer your abilities and unique skills through your portfolio, you’ll stand out from the other candidates and be closer to landing the job.

Your Portfolio

Having people write reference letters for you can help you tremendously because they can verify your skills, responsibilities, personal character, and past performance.

Reference Letter

Research the company so that you can ask meaningful questions. Don’t be afraid to jot down these questions and bring them with you to your job interview.

Questions to Ask

It is up to you how well you want this interview to be. Answer their interview questions to the best of your abilities. Make the interview something you both enjoy and learn from.

Your Best Self

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