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the 100 Highest-Paying Jobs in America

If you're looking for a lucrative career, check out this list of the 100 paying jobs in the USA in 2022!

Mechanical engineers

People who work in the profession can specialize in many projects, from creating medical devices to designing elevators. Mean annual wage: $93,540

Producers and directors

Showbiz is ever-evolving, especially with the surge of streaming services and podcasts. Mean annual wage: $93,940

Funeral home managers

Funeral homes are a $16.8 billion business with a steady demand as most deceased Americans will have a funeral. Mean annual wage: $95,220


Statisticians use mathematical or statistical theory to break down numbers into useful, helpful information. Mean annual wage: $95,680

Agents & business managers

They are the intermediaries between celebrities like actors, singers, and athletes, and the agencies and studios  they work with. Mean annual wage: $97,170

Computer science teachers

These educators teach with a focus on operations and research analysis, or computer function and design. Mean annual wage: $98,430


Veterinarians do more than take care of sick animals. These doctors perform surgeries, advise owners on best care practices, and more. Mean annual wage: $104,820

Construction managers

They supervise projects, are in charge of budgeting, explaining contracts, and selecting subcontractors. Mean annual wage: $105,000

Nurse practitioners

Nurse practitioners diagnose and treat illnesses while also promoting good health and disease prevention. Mean annual wage: $111,840

Personal financial advisors

If you need help in insurance, retirement, investments, mortgages, taxes, or college planning, a professional advisor can assist you! Mean annual wage: $119,290


Optometrists perform more tasks than prescribing glasses and giving eye exams. They also diagnose diseases, injuries, and vision disorders. Mean annual wage: $122,980

Sales managers

Sales managers prepare budgets, keep track of customer preferences, project sales, and create special pricing plans. Mean annual wage: $141,690



the 100 Highest-Paying Jobs in America