Stop Wasting Your Money! 24 Things You Should Stop Buying Today

Whether you need to cut back on spending to keep up with your bills or you want to save money every month, you need to take a close look at what you buy and what you can do without.

By carefully examining your purchases, you can find ways to reduce your monthly expenses and put more money towards the things that truly matter. Here are the 24 things you should stop buying today.

Candles and Air Fresheners

Chemicals aren’t good for you. When you burn candles and spray air fresheners, chemicals get into the air, which you then breathe in. We’re now using a natural air freshener.

Home Decor

I’ve stopped buying new home decor to save money. I instead use what I already have to decorate and “shop.”

Cleaning Supplies

No, my house isn’t always dirty! We save money by making our own cleaners, refilling our hand soaps, and buying products that last a long time.

Books and Movies

I was able to go to Barnes & Noble by myself last weekend. I looked around just to find something to buy. Then I remembered that I can just ask the library for these things.

Kitchen Gadgets

We bought a toaster oven this year and regretted it almost right away. Let’s just say we already have enough tech (and never enough counterspace)!

Fashionable Clothes

I’ve never set trends, and I don’t want to. I like to wear clothes that fit well and make me feel good about myself. By not following trends, we save money.

Brand-New Toys

Little Guy has a lot of toys. Plus, with his birthday and Christmas, we don’t need to buy him anything else. If you want to save money and be thrifty, you could buy toys at a thrift store or on Facebook Marketplace.

Convenience Foods

I’ve learned not to leave the house without food. I get hangry and my toddler gets hangry. It just costs too much to buy snacks all the time. Instead, when we are going somewhere, I pack snacks and sandwiches.

Stop Wasting Your Money! 24 Things You Should Stop Buying Today