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35 Jobs That Make a Lot of Money

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There are many ways to make money, but if you really want to rake in the dough, get a high-paying job.

Having more money makes life easier. You can afford to buy nice things and travel if you want.

Here are  35 jobs that make good money


This is a highly skilled and important job that requires a great deal of training and experience.

Average Salary:



As a cardiologist, you diagnose and treat patients with heart conditions and provide ongoing care

Average Salary:



Surgeons work long hours and many night shifts to get their patients the care they need.

Average Salary:



The demand for psychiatrists and therapists is growing as more people seek help  for conditions including anxiety, depression,  and PTSD.

Average Salary:



Like orthodontists, dentists play an essential role in the healthcare system and are well-compensated.

Average Salary:


Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Without a strong marketing strategy, a company will struggle to compete and may eventually fail.

Average Salary:


Judges and Magistrate

These professionals must deal with challenging cases, work long hours, and make difficult decisions that profoundly impact people’s lives.

Average Salary:


Software Engineering

A software engineering director develops, maintains, and supports software products and services.

Average Salary:


Corporate Lawyer

Lawyers are some of the highest-paid professionals. Corporate lawyers, in particular, tend to command higher salaries than their counterparts

Average Salary:


Airline Pilot

Airline pilots are responsible for the safety of their passengers and crew. They make split-second decisions in potentially dangerous situations.

Average Salary:


Dean of Students

The dean is responsible for the welfare and safety of the students and for ensuring their academic success.

Average Salary:


Investment Banker

They play an essential role in helping to get the best deals and return on investment for their clients.

Average Salary:


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35 Jobs That Make a Lot of Money

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