Interpersonal Skills Made Easy: 18 Tips for Success

How you interact with and relate to others can impact how successful you are in life and your career. No one wants to work with someone who is always complaining, is rude or unreliable.

Strong interpersonal skills are just as crucial to your career as technical hard skills and expertise.  They help you navigate the day-to-day tasks and challenges you face at work.

So what exactly are these skills, and how do you improve them? The list here is by no means extensive, but it’s a good start.

Look around and listen to what others say, how they say it, and why they’re saying it.  Take note of how the other people in the conversation respond.

People Watch

Instead of sitting at your desk being aware only of what’s happening inside your brain, go and spend time around other people.

Change Your Surroundings

The internet has many free online classes, workshops, and videos covering ways of improving and practicing interpersonal skills.

Take a Class

It can be hard to learn interpersonal skills alone, so why not find a mentor or coach to work with? Having someone guide and support you while learning a new skill can make all the difference.

Find a Mentor or Coach

Stay open-minded about the feedback and don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if you’re unsure what someone means.

Ask for Feedback

They cover topics from small talk, body language, successfully navigating relationships, public speaking, overcoming social anxiety, and more.

Read Books On People Skills

It can be job-related, like a professional association or networking group, but it doesn’t have to be.

Join a Group or Club

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Easy Ways to Learn and Improve Your Interpersonal Skills

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