Hire with Confidence: Tips for Successful Hiring

When you lose an employee, you’ll need to hire someone to fill the open position.  You also need to know how to hire employees if you are opening a new business.

Do you need to hire someone on a full-time basis?  Or do you only need someone part-time? You may decide you need to hire more than one person.

Determine Your Hiring Needs

Provide information about the job skills and education necessary to perform the job tasks

Write the Job Description

Include information about the position, such as the job title, work schedule, rate of pay, and other similar details

Create a Job Ad

You should be posting the job ad on as many job boards as you can find

Publish the Vacancy

Make sure the candidate’s education and experience match your outlined requirements

Review Applications

Create a checklist of traits you’re looking for and a list of questions that will be standard in every interview

Conduct Initial Interviews

Begin with verifying the candidate’s employment history and personal references

Run Background Checks

Remain open to negotiation if the candidate seems hesitant to take the position so that they don’t flat-out decline your job offer

Make the Job Offer

Create a hiring packet that contains the employee handbook, employment agreement, tax forms, and other paperwork

Prepare For Your New Hire

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Tips for hiring employees