Here's How to Get Financial Assistance

Can't Pay Your Bills?

What do you do when you do not have enough money to pay your bills? There are several places you can go for assistance.

The 2-1-1 Hot Line

The 2-1-1 hotline is a confidential resource hotline from the United Way to help you find some of the local agencies in your area to assist in helping with bills and more, including:

– Food and Nutrition programs – Housing and aid for shelter – Healthcare – Job assistance – Care for Veterans – Help for drug or alcohol addicts – Support groups for mental illness or disabilities – Programs with aid for those released from prison


Shelter is essential for people to feel safe and secure. Not having the adequate income to make it through the month for rent can be a stressful event. Here are places that can help with rent payments and housing for lower-income families:

- The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - Rural Development Program - The Housing Choice Voucher Program - Gradient Gives Back Foundation - Pathway of Hope 


One of the most vital things for our body is food. It gives us energy, nutrition, and the building blocks for our bodies to grow and mature. After paying for rent and utilities, food can be one of the last items people will pay for.

Here are some programs that can assist with food-related needs: - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Women, infants, and Children (WIC) - Summer Food Service Program - Soup Kitchens - Local Food Banks - Feeding America Network


Utilities like heating and telephones are a must. Not having the money to pay for them should not cause poor health or inabilities to make things happen. 

These programs can help with the utilities:  - Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program - Lifeline - Your Utility Company - Dollar Energy Fund

Health Care

We may neglect our health because there may not be enough money to take care of it properly. These programs make sure people have healthy bodies and medication to help them function.

- Medicaid & Chip - Affordable Care Act - Free Clinics - Urgent Care - Generic Drugs - Discount Drug Network

Childcare & Education

Childcare and the education of children are essential. Setting up the proper habits and a good foundation at a younger age can help a child grow and have a healthy well-being.

The Administration of Children and Families (AFC) has created many different programs to help facilitate well-being in the education and childcare for low-income families:  - Office of Childcare - Temporary Assistance for Needy Families - Head Start

If you require any financial help, I hope that these resources can help you.  It is not easy being down on your luck, but with some research, you can come across many programs to help when you are in need.

Need Help With Your Bills? How to Get Financial Assistance

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