Unemployed? 14 Ways to Get Professional Resume Help for Free

Your resume is your introduction to a potential employer. A weak or ineffective resume will make the wrong first impression and will likely prevent you from getting the job.

Developing a strong resume takes time, as it’s unique to you and your experiences. That’s why it’s essential to get help with your resume, especially if you’ve been looking for a job for a while.

If you’re comfortable with the  “do-it-yourself” approach, here are a few options to try.

Asking a trusted colleague or co-worker for help with your resume is smart because they know more about the industry and job responsibilities.

Your Colleagues

They can help you catch typos and other grammatical mistakes, even if they know nothing about writing resumes or the industry you’re applying for.

Your Friends and Family

You can upload a version of your resume (with your personal details removed), and people will offer their advice and suggestions.

Reddit Resumes

There are plenty of free (or free trial) sites that will review your resume and compare it to the specific job posting you’re applying for.

Resume & ATS Scanning Sites

You can browse through the articles for resume tips or sign up for their email lists to get free job-related resources.

Career Blogs

Grammarly is a free program that is essentially an elevated spell-checker and grammar-checker. The clearer your resume is, the better.


You don’t have to search for a job alone. Get assisted, professional help with your resume and job hunting for free.

These organizations are government-funded and free for everyone to use, although the specific services offered at each location will vary.

Employment Centers

Most libraries offer training workshops on various topics, including filing your taxes and writing resumes and have great resources available.

The Library

If you are a student, soon-to-be grad, recent grad, or alumni, see what career services your college or university provides.

College Career Services

If you belong to a specific demographic, many social service organizations provide career and job search support.

Social Service Agencies

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