Make a Travel Checklist

Don’t Stress!

With 33% of people packing their bags only 24 hours before their trip, it is easy to see why two-thirds of people overpack their suitcase, one-third still forget to pack something!

What you need to pack and how far in advance you should prepare when traveling depends on a few things. These 5 areas will help you determine what items you’ll need to put on your travel checklist for the upcoming trip.

How to Start a Travel Checklist: Determine What You Need for Your Trip

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International travel requires more advanced planning to ensure you have the right travel visas, up-to-date vaccines or immunizations, and a valid passport.

Your Destination

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Share your travel checklist with your friends so you all can pack light!

Travel Companions

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The longer your trip, the more items you’ll need. Remember, the more days you’re away from home, the more variance there could be in the weather.

How Long You’ll Be Travelling

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Where you’ll be staying also determines what you should pack and add to your travel checklist.

Your Accommodations

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If your trip involves flying, you need to pack more carefully than you would if you’re traveling by car, bus, or train.

Your Mode of Transportation

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It can cover medical emergencies, lost luggage, accidents, and more.

Buy Travel Insurance

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Research the immigration laws and give yourself enough time to get the proper documentation.

Check Your Passport & Visas

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Visiting your doctor is also important to ensure you’ll have enough of your prescription medication.

Visit Your Doctor

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So give your credit card company a call before you leave, letting them your destination and how long you’ll be traveling.

Call Your Credit Card Companies

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It’s always a good idea to arrange for someone to keep an eye on your home while you are away.

Arrange for a House-Sitter or Pet-Sitter

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