100+ Companies That Hire Felons & People with a Criminal Record

Finding a job is challenging.  Finding a job when you have a criminal record or a felony is even more difficult.

But it’s not impossible.

Before you start applying, it’s important to know what felon friendly employment opportunities are available to you.

What Jobs for Felons Are Available?

It will be harder to find a job if you have been convicted of a serious offense.

Some companies will consider the timing of your charges – such as how long ago the crime(s) took place.

Do a little research to see what applies to your situation.

You need to get your foot in the door somewhere, anywhere that is willing to give you a chance. Here's where to start.

Focus on the Jobs That Hire Felons

If you can get a personal reference or referral from someone, take advantage of it

Local Companies

Restaurants and fast food companies are well-known for hiring felons

Restaurants & Fast Food Companies

Some behind-the-scenes jobs include stocking shelves and unloading inventory

Grocery Stores & Retail Companies

If you are technically skilled, there are jobs in communications, tech support and software development

Tech Companies

Hotels are always hiring people for their housekeeping and maintenance staff

Hospitality Companies

The US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, and the Canadian Armed Forces have all hired people with criminal records

The Military

There are plenty of places that need drivers between shuttle services, food delivery, and shipping

Driving & Trucking Companies

A gig job provides flexible hours, decent pay, independence, and some companies offer sign-up bonuses

Gig Driving & Delivery Companies

You could fix and service vehicles if you have the right skills and experience

Mechanics & Automotive Companies

They cover a wide range of products from food production and industrial manufacturing

Manufacturing & Food Production Companies

Some ex-felons start their own construction businesses

Labor, Construction & Skilled Trade Companies

Companies like this have a lot of inventory or merchandise coming in and out

Warehousing, Shipping & Receiving Companies

They often have a hard time finding workers, especially for offshore jobs, making them more open to hiring felons

Oil, Gas & Energy Companies

Many former inmates end up working or volunteering with community service agencies

Community Service Companies

Temp agencies always need qualified workers, and many are willing to hire  ex-offenders

Temp Agencies

You can offer plenty of different services as an entrepreneur both online and offline

Start Your Own Company

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