9 Easy Budgeting Tips for the Lazy and Unmotivated

Anyone can save money, even if you are lazy at budgeting. Make your budget plan today with the help of these  9 easy tips     


It’s a much better idea to make a homemade lunch and coffee than it is to go to a restaurant and coffee shop each workday.

bring a lunch & coffee from home

You can buy something at a discount during a special event or season sale and only buy at full price if you  have to.

Purchase Items on Sale

Using credit cards usually means we buy more than we should.  You can freeze your credit card to prevent yourself from drowning in more debt.

Get Rid of Your Credit Cards

Prepare a list of the amount you pay each month to better understand what is costing you the most and how you can control it.

Track Your Spending

First, you need to list all your compulsory payments, including rent, insurance, child care, groceries, and so on.

Prepare a List of Payments

Debt is one of the most significant reasons that people can’t save money.  You should pay off your highest debt first, like personal loans and credit cards.

Pay Off Your Debt

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