Are You Getting Fired?  Watch for These 9 Warning Signs

It’s never easy getting fired from a job, but sometimes, you can predict the inevitable. Don’t be caught unaware.

Be proactive if you notice any of these 9 signs in your workplace


You’re getting fewer projects

If your organization no longer has faith in your ability to do your job, they will probably assign fewer projects to you.

You’re no longer invited to meetings

Be proactive if you believe that you’re being left out of important meetings. At the very least, addressing this with your boss will show them that you care.

You’re asked to provide frequent status updates

A sudden requirement to provide regular status updates, especially when the rest of your team doesn't, is a clear sign that management doesn’t trust you.

You’re on a “Performance Improvement Plan”

Many companies use the PIP to avoid a lawsuit after making the decision to fire a staff member.

Your boss has pushed you away

If you had a fairly open relationship with your boss that has turned sour, it could be an indication that you’re no longer in favor with your boss

You are being set up for failure

If you are given impossible assignments or deadlines, it could mean you’re being  set up for failure as  an excuse for letting you go.

3 More Clear Signs That You’re About To  Get Fired

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