Proven Ways to Get a Promotion at Work

Every employee worries about the day they decide to ask their manager or boss for a promotion. You might feel both nervous and excited about the outcome at the same time.

You can ask for a promotion with confidence by understanding that you deserve the promotion and demonstrating that you are the right person.

How to Ask for  a Promotion

Look for promotion opportunities that will help you achieve your career goals. There’s not much point in asking for a promotion if there is nowhere for you to be promoted to.

Find an Opportunity for a Promotion

Think of some recent wins and accomplishments in your professional career. What have you done that has been valuable to the company and made you look great?

Why Do You Deserve a Promotion?

Be sure to give them some context of what this meeting is about by mentioning you’d like to discuss your performance and potential opportunities for advancement.

Set Up a Meeting with Your Boss

Your pitch for a promotion should start conversational and then take a serious turn when you get to the “ask.”

Practice Your Pitch

Don’t immediately launch into your pitch, but don’t waste too much time, either.  You want to get to the point of the meeting and not spend your time socializing.

Set the Tone for the Meeting

Briefly list your accomplishments with the company. This will put you in  a positive light and remind your manager how valuable you are to your company.

Demonstrate Why You Deserve a Promotion

Be direct and say, I would like to be considered for [the new position or project],” followed by how well you think you’ll be able to handle the new role and responsibilities.

Ask for a Promotion

Pay attention to how they respond, because this will tell you a lot! If your manager is smiling and asking follow-up questions, that’s a good sign.

Let Your Manager Respond


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