Building a High-Paying Career The 55 Best Jobs in Construction


The U.S. has the largest construction market globally. The progressive industry, made up of “jack of all trades” laborers, has dozens of specialized professions from paperhangers to elevator installers.

A majority of entry-level construction jobs do not require formal education; instead, they offer apprenticeships and on-the-job training to educate future employees. Find out the highest-paid construction jobs in the U.S.

Elevator and escalator installers

Technicians must be comfortable working in small spaces, and find full-time work available in rural and city regions home to many multi-story buildings.


Grading trenches and ditches and sealing joints are some of the daily tasks performed by pipelayers, who must have excellent vision and arm-hand steadiness.

Surface mining

Also known as backhoe operators, these tradesmen work with heavy-duty buckets, shovels, and scoops to loosen and load earth material.

Construction laborers

The entry-level profession is a stepping stone on the career industry ladder, with many laborers moving onto more specialized and higher-paying construction jobs.

Highway maintenance

Roads, highways, and runway need maintenance, including patching cracked concrete, replacing mile markers and guard rails, and plowing snow.

Plumbers, pipefitters

Designing, installing, and repairing pipes and fixtures falls to plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters, who earn an average of $60,000 on the job.


Working with wood is right in a carpenter’s wheelhouse, as they use screws, nails, and hand tools to repair and fashion wooden structures.

Carpet installers

Primary job duties include rolling and cutting out carpet, gluing and stapling to surface, and finishing edges.


These construction tradesmen install and repair shingles, tile, slate, and steel roofs on residential and commercial buildings.

Hazardous materials removal workers

Laborers work with asbestos, radioactive materials, polluted soil, and waste oil daily, requiring them to wear protective gear.

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55  Highest Paid Jobs in Construction

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