50 Jobs That Make a Real Impact on the World

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In a perfect world, one’s passion for a job would be matched by its salary.  But unfortunately, that’s not always how the job market works—ask anyone who has ever settled for a small paycheck in order to follow their dream.

If you want a job makes the world a better place, read on to discover which jobs were rated the most meaningful and to decide if it might be time to consider a career change.

Emergency dispatchers

Emergency dispatchers who answer emergency calls and send first responders out to emergencies found their jobs extremely meaningful.


Pursuing a career in veterinary medicine can feel very meaningful for any animal lover, as it gives them the priceless opportunity to heal cats, dogs, and other animals.


People in this profession had a very high degree of meaning, high satisfaction, and a high median salary—the professional trifecta.

Secondary school teachers

Though high school teachers found their jobs just as meaningful as middle school teachers did, they had a higher rate of satisfaction.

Substance abuse counselors

Like health services providers, these counselors likely find helping people better their health to be very impactful.


Anyone who has ever felt back pain knows how helpful chiropractors can be, as one simple adjustment can really mitigate the discomfort.

Recreation workers

Recreation workers design and lead activities at summer camps, parks, after-school programs and other social settings.

Marriage and family therapists

The day-to-day work of therapists is directly tied to their patients’ happiness. It can be rewarding to see a couple or family have a breakthrough after working with them for months or years.

Health educators

They cover everything from safe sex to proper nutrition.  The effect that this work has on the wellbeing of others must make health educators feel their jobs are extremely important.

Music directors and composers

People who choose this field often feel a deep, emotional connection to music and relish the chance to pursue their passion.

Physical therapists

Physical therapists likely find great meaning in their ability to help patients recover after an illness, injury, or surgery.

Middle school teachers

Middle school teachers will find playing a role in the development of young minds to be a particularly meaningful experience.

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50 Most Meaningful Jobs in America

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