5 Phrases That Make You Sound Dumb at Work

Fundamentally, very few of us are actually dumb. Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t maintain relatively decent jobs and make enough to provide for our families.

Coworkers hear you and, yes, management does as well.  If you are a constant criticizer, you’re building a reputation.

What Not to Say at Work

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Name-dropping can work, but very often, it hurts more than it helps

I went to [insert designer school here], so I would know

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The longer it takes for you to explain a concept, the less that you probably know about it

Taking 10 minutes to explain a simple concept

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The less that we use them, the more intelligent we tend to sound

Overusing “You know”, “Umm” and “Like”

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Every level of an organization has problems and conflicts

My boss has no idea what he’s/she’s doing

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The top performers would ask questions to fully understand the problem

I did what I was asked to do

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Stop making yourself sound dumb at work