To Prevent Your Next Impulse Buys

5 Easy Ways

Impulse buys are those insidious purchases that we make because we see something and immediately want it.

– Our addiction to spending money on “deals” or promotions (even if they aren’t) – Fear of missing out on the next best thing – Spending makes a lot of us feel better It’s darn tough, but there are a few ways that can help us prevent impulse buys from happening.

What Causes Impulse Buys?

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Resist the temptation to trick yourself into believing that you are somehow “above” impulse buys.

Understand that impulse buys happen to all of us

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Lists help keep us focused on the items that we truly need.

Never shop without a shopping list

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Whenever possible, do not shop while you are hungry…especially for groceries.

Shop with a full stomach

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Whenever possible, don’t touch items that are not on your shopping list. Resist!

You can look, but never touch!

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Make yourself wait for a month before plopping down your hard-earned money on it.

Create a 30-day waiting period for larger purchases

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