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30 Green Jobs That Can Help Fight Climate Change

It may surprise you to learn that you don’t need a degree in environmental science to fight climate change.

Much of the work that must be done to make our country more sustainable will be accomplished by farmers, construction workers, and electricians.

Read on to learn about everything from energy auditing to tree planting, and how you can get involved.

Administrative support

These roles may change from traditional clerical duties to include more work with large-scale environmental data, communication, and grassroots organizing.

Community education

Community educators help fight climate change by providing people with the necessary knowledge and skills to get active in their own backyards.

Energy auditing

This involves the official inspection and assessment of the energy that specific homes or other buildings are using.

Invasive species removal

Wildlife experts in the National Parks Service and private organizations are coming up with increasingly creative measures to control the spread of invasive species.

Mass transport maintenance

Repairing buses or performing maintenance on the subway may seem like a mundane job, but it is vital to helping millions of Americans live more sustainable lifestyles.

Sewer and water main upgrades

Extreme weather events such as severe rainstorms cause sewer systems to overflow, releasing millions of gallons of untreated sewage water into homes and businesses.


Tree planting is perhaps the job on this list that requires the least amount of expertise: Anyone can buy a sapling, plant it in their backyard, and help it grow.

Wetland restoration

Many wetlands are priority areas for conservation because they act as natural buffers, absorbing floodwater from tropical storms and hurricanes.

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Green Jobs That Can Help Fight Climate Change

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