The 25 Best Skills to List on Your Resume

Some companies receive thousands of applications for coveted positions, making writing an effective resume a critical step in any job search.

How do you know what skills to include?  What skills do employers seek the most in a candidate?

Hard Skills & Soft Skills

It requires focusing on the person speaking, keeping an open mind, and waiting until they have finished before you respond

Active Listening Skills

The administrative skill set involves various soft skills that show your attention to detail, such as organizing

Administrative Experience

Employers want workers who can investigate a problem and consider different solutions

Analytical Skills

The easiest way to demonstrate this skill is to carefully follow the directions provided in the job posting

Attention to Detail

It helps to prevent issues like miscommunication or arguments from happening

Communication Skills

This can be anything from word processing and spreadsheets to being an expert with a specific software program

Computer Skills

Demonstrate your creative skills by coming up with new ideas, making connections, and solving problems

Creativity and Innovation Skills

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You understand what your customers want, acknowledge their feelings, and assist them with finding a solution

Customer Service Skills

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Large and small organizations are looking for people who can analyze and extrapolate information from raw data

Data Analysis

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Design skills range from graphic and  web design to advertising to creating presentations


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Skills You Must List on Your Resume