What Successful  Job Seekers  Do & Don't Do on Their Resume

20 Resume Tips

Your resume so important that how effective it is  (or isn’t)  can determine your whole career path! You want to make sure that it is as strong as possible.

Follow these quick resume tips, include a few things you definitely  DO NOT want to do when it comes to your resume.

Employers do background checks. They will call your references.  If something doesn’t line up with your resume, you will lose credibility and won’t be offered the job.

Don’t Lie or Exaggerate

Do not write:  “With over twenty years of professional experience, Mr. Smith is our sales-team lead." Instead, try:  "Sales-team lead with over twenty years of professional experience."

Don’t Refer to Yourself  By Name

Make sure that your resume is free of any slang or text-speak and that you write out abbreviations or acronyms in full. LOL, TBH, and LMK do not belong on your resume!

Don’t use slang

Including details like your birthday, social security number,  marital status, and  race can easily lead to discrimination or identity theft.

Don’t Include Unnecessary Personal Information

A hiring manager isn’t going to bother with an overly designed resume or one that uses fonts that are too hard to read.

Don’t Use a Complex Format or Hard to Read Fonts

Copying the job description or ad word for word will make you look lazy and suggests that you might steal or plagiarize other people’s work in the future.

Don’t Copy the Exact Wording

Don’t Use an Unprofessional Email Address

A potential employer should be focusing on your qualifications, an unprofessional email address can make a bad first impression. It’s hard to take skaterdude420@aol.com seriously.

Don’t include everything

Keep your resume focused on the job you’re applying for and to the point. It’s not a list of every single job you’ve ever had or every course you’ve ever taken.


If it's relevant, volunteer work,  co-op placements, internships,  extra-curriculars, and even your  side hustle can be included on your resume.

What Successful  Job Seekers  Do & Don't Do on Their Resume

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