No Job Offers?

18 Reasons You're Not Getting Hired and How to Fix Them

Job searching can be a long process that requires a lot of patience. If you have been applying for new jobs  without any luck, you can’t help but wonder why you're not getting hired.

There are numerous possibilities as to why you can’t find a job. The good news is there are also things you can do to fix them and improve your chances of getting hired.

You don’t need to be 100% qualified for every job, but you need to meet the minimum qualifications. Otherwise, you're wasting your time and will feel rejected.

You're Applying to the Wrong Jobs

Stop only applying for jobs that are posted online - there’s a whole hidden job market out there. Not every job vacancy gets posted on Indeed. 

You're Making Mistakes with Your Search

Your resume has to be scannable to people and computer software. Check for errors  such as typos, spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, or bad formatting.

Your Resume & Cover Letter Need Work

Show employers why they need to hire you. Think of your strengths and how these will support the business, and put them on your resume.

You Don't  Stand Out 

The labor market is constantly changing.  Your skills may no longer be sufficient for the roles you want. Consider taking an online class or volunteering!

You Don't Have the Right Skills or Experience 

Job interviews are sort of an art form. The best way to overcome those job interview nerves is to practice, practice, practice!

You Suck at Job Interviews

Nowadays, it’s rare for someone to stick with one job or one company throughout their career, but changing jobs every 6 months looks bad  on a resume.

You Look Like  a Job Hopper

You can use social media, join a professional networking group, or  just start talking to people and let them know you’re looking  for work.

You Don't Have Network Connections

Make sure you’re using the right people as references. If the problem is you don’t have any references to give,  you need to find 3-4 people and ask them.

You Have Bad References (or None at All)

Employers aren’t going to chase you down. You need to follow up with job leads, potential networking connections, and with employers after applying and interviewing for a job.

You Aren't Following-Up

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