100  2-Year Degrees That Pay Well

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It’s no secret that the cost of college in America is skyrocketing.  A four-year college degree is simply out of the question for many Americans.

Luckily, a four-year degree isn’t the only higher education option out there. Plenty of colleges offer two-year programs at a much more affordable rate.

So before you commit to a four-year program, read on to discover your other, cheaper, options.


Engineering technology

Upon graduation, students can find work as product testers, in design, or as technicians in manufacturing engineering,  product engineering, and field engineering.

Information technology

Essentially, it’s the study of the design and implementation of technologies (like computers) for storing, retrieving, and sending information.

Network security

With so much of our lives spent online, our personal information, internet connections, and identities must be as secure as possible. .


Those with an associate degree in robotics will learn the general concepts behind installing, troubleshooting, operating, and testing robotic systems.


Electronics covers the entire branch of physics and technology that is concerned with building devices run by transistors, microchips, and the like.

Fire protection engineering

Fire protection technology courses teach people how to prevent fires from happening.  Popular career paths include fire safety inspector, fire prevention specialist, and fire investigator.

Organizational leadership

Organizational leadership requires individuals who are vision-driven, detail-oriented, and great communicators.

Environmental health & safety

This role is largely responsible for ensuring that the environmental policies a company enacts are being carried out and complied with by individual employees.


An associate degree in nursing (ADN) is a popular option for those looking to enter the medical field. It provides quicker entry to the hospital floor than a typical four-year degree.

Fashion design

This is an incredibly creative field that is highly paid but it's difficult to break into. You can find work in support positions, as assistant buyers and textile designers, social media associates, or sales assistants.

Web development

A two-year degree with huge potential growth, it's predicted that web development hiring will increase by 13% from 2018 to 2028, far above the average for all occupations.


Alongside the classroom learning, many colleges require students to complete an apprenticeship, where they can learn the tricks of the trade first hand.


100  2-Year Degrees That Pay Well