10 Unbelievable Reasons People Ran Out of New Jobs on Their First Day 

Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking, but what happens when you find out it's not the right fit on your first day? Here are 10 relatable reasons why people ran out of new jobs.

One man explained that they took a minimum wage job ($11.50/hr), and parking was not included. The parking fee was $20 a day. So two hours of work to park your vehicle!

Expensive Parking

“I was specifically told to park in a certain lot to pick up my parking sticker on the first day... ...and they towed the car because it didn’t have a sticker yet.

Towed Your Car

“They forced us to pray together every morning and recite the pledge of allegiance.”

Mandatory Daily Prayer and Patriotism

“If your first option is for me to make money off the people I care about most. After that, there’s nowhere to go but down (morally).”


One said that a restaurant they worked at “defrosted chicken by leaving it outside the fridge overnight.” It was on the floor during the summer, and rats scurried away when they turned on the light the following day.

No Food Safety

Imagine being hired and thrown on the floor without training. “No training, computer logins, no idea where anything in the building was, who any of the dozens of other people wandering around were, or even what was expected of me."

Sales Floor Without Training

Have you ever quit a job on the first day?

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10 Relatable Reasons People Ran Out of New Jobs on Their First Day

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