5 Reasons Sleep Is Everything

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Nowadays, we seem to be more health conscious than we ever have been. From new workouts to superfoods, we are constantly looking for different ways to get fit and add more goodness to our diet.

Nevertheless, a lot of us are missing out on the most important ingredient of them all, and this is sleep. There are many benefits associated with getting more sleep. You can look slimmer, younger, and your skin will be more radiant. This is more beneficial than any of the latest diet crazes!

Let’s take a look at the different reasons why sleep is the ideal ingredient in further detail below:

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Look Younger

Firstly, sleep can help you to look younger, and this is because hormones that enable damaged cells to repair increase during deep sleep. If you do not experience the deeper phases of sleep, this will not happen. This means that small breakdowns will occur each day instead of them being reversed during the night, resulting in more noticeable signs of ageing.

Have More Radiant Skin

Sleep can also help your skin to appear a lot more radiant. This is because a lack of sleep causes inflammatory cells in the body to increase, which in turn causes there to be a breakdown of hyaluronic acid and collagen. These are molecules that cause the skin to have translucency, bounce, and glow, and thus you can see how a lack of sleep can cause significant damage to the appearance of your skin.

Feel Better

Sleep is also great for dealing with stress and reducing anxiety. This is especially the case if you use hush blankets and other great aids like this. Sleep recharges your batteries, making you feel better the following day.

Look Better

More sleep will improve your overall appearance. This is something that has been backed up by research. A British Medical Journal study proved that people who sleep regularly are more attractive and look healthier too. This study involved photographing 23 people after a night’s sleep of eight hours and a period of sleep deprivation, and then showing the photographs to 65 people. These people then rated the photos based on tiredness and health attractiveness.

Lose Weight

Last but not least, sleep can help you to lose weight. Have you been eating well but not noticing the results? This could be because you are not getting enough sleep. Scientists at Sweden’s Uppsala University have proven that a lack of sleep will slow down your metabolism, which will lead to you putting on a considerable amount of weight. They recommend that you get plenty of sleep in order to stop gaining weight.

As you can see, there are a number of different reasons why sleep is everything. We should all make an effort to make sure we get more of it in 2019.


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