Organizing a Fun Charity Event: Playing Bingo, Poker and Other Games of Luck for a Noble Cause

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Last Updated on December 21, 2020

If you have been on this blog for a while now, you probably already know that I am very passionate about charity. For me, charity is a state of mind and actually infusing your day-to-day life with some volunteering or community involvement can go a long way towards personal growth. When we talk about fundraising though, that’s taking charity work to a whole other level. And this got me thinking: what would be a great way to organize a fundraising event? One answer that you probably wouldn’t think of straightaway is wagering.

Fundraising Events Built around Betting Contests

Everybody loves to have some fun while raising money for a good cause – and most people absolutely love games of chance. We are not talking hardcore everyday gambling tournaments – if that is the first thought that crossed your mind, then you might need to learn the signs of a gambling problem. There is a wide range of popular games that involve betting that could be extremely successful in raising funds for the community. Think of a raffle draw where people contribute a couple of bucks to have a chance at winning spectacular prizes – maybe a yearly subscription to a local club or some artwork from a local artist.

Organizing a Fun Charity Event - My Life, I Guess

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Most businesses and artists would welcome the chance to reach a wider audience and donate the prizes to a good cause. On the other side of the pond, the British government uses proceeds from the National Lottery to fund UK athletes participating in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. We could apply the same model to a smaller scale and provide low-income students with sports scholarships or fund our community’s sports facilities. If you combine it with an evening of fun mock Olympic Games like wheelbarrow or bean bag racing, with attendants betting on their favorite team to win, then it could be an incredibly fun day for all.

Online Casinos or Local Community Centers Can Be a Great Help for Your Fundraising Event

If you would like to organize something more ambitious, then think big: get in touch with your local casino or your favorite online casino and see whether they can put their know-how to good use and get involved with a fundraising event. Last summer, the Alberta “Cash and Cars” lottery gave away luxurious homes and amazing cars, including a bungalow in Edmonton that was valued at over $1 million. The online casino industry is currently booming and partnering up with an official gambling provider might help you reach a wider audience.

Organizing a Fun Charity Event - My Life, I Guess

After all, charity and gambling are more intertwined than we thought. Bingo may be a popular game in online casinos, along with roulette, blackjack or poker, but it also has a long history in fundraising. If you organize a bingo night at your local church or community center, this could very well become a successful family event for the whole community. You just need to understand the 10 essential steps in order to organize your fundraising event successfully – including sending a nice thank-you note to your contributors and volunteers who worked so hard.

Who knows? This might just lay the foundations for a recurring, annual event!

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