My Life (I Guess) Lately – Vol. 2

Last Updated on January 5, 2021

A few of you have noticed that I haven’t been around much online lately, and have been asking me what’s up. So, I thought it was time for me to do another general life update.

First of all, I spent the beginning of September preparing for and then attending my older sister’s wedding. R and I could only swing a quick trip, due to his work schedule and our limited budget, but obviously this wasn’t something I was going to miss!

The wedding was beautiful. The bride and groom spent a lot of time putting their personal touches on everything. Some of the decor items and the wedding favours were actually handcrafted by the couple themselves. They could not have picked a nicer venue or a better photographer. (Can’t say the same about the hotel though, which gave every one nothing but problems – including locking my sister out of her own room, on her wedding night, while she was wearing her wedding dress!)

Once things calmed down post-wedding, I got distracted from working on my own website, as I was helping the newlyweds set up a new website for their small business. They have successfully been selling said handcrafted items at markets and conventions around Toronto, and are hoping to find the same success online.

It was awesome to take what I’ve learned from building my own website and apply it to creating a brand new one. (Now I get why so many bloggers have more than one!) I would love to add website management to my self-employment repertoire, and this is a great place for me to start.

Speaking of self-employment, things are basically going the same as they were.

My online income is holding steady, which is a nice surprise because I haven’t really been focusing on it as much as I should be. I’m hoping that with some real effort, I can get this to grow. (As long as I’m not moving backwards!)

I’m still happily nannying for one family. Their little girl is adorable (even if she is entering her terrible-twos) and is growing so fast! The mom has recommended me to a friend of hers, and I’ll soon be babysitting for this family on a casual basis, as well.

Unfortunately, even with another babysitting gig, it isn’t enough.

Because R works for the government, there was a lot of rumors flying around in the weeks and months leading up to the recent election. Now that the election is over, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, and hope that it doesn’t end in a strike. That would be very bad for us.

On the other hand, there are positive rumors flying around as well. If true, R would be offered a full time position. That would be very good for us!

I’d love to stay self-employed, and if R does get this promotion, it would be so much more feasible for me to do so.

Regardless, I haven’t given up on trying to find a traditional job that I love (or at least like?). There have been a few that were very promising and I really thought I stood a chance, but no. Yet again, I didn’t even get called for a single interview.

I thought I’d be used to this rejection by now, but every time this happens, my confidence and my motivation takes another hit. I really wish it didn’t bother me, because it sometimes takes me days to get over it and get back on track. Days that I should be spending on better things than feeling sorry for myself.

Better things like finding more online employment opportunities (as I’ve already mentioned), and growing my blog/brand to make these opportunities for myself. This is really where my mind keeps wandering off to lately.

If only I weren’t so stuck!

I’ve been thinking, and researching, and signing up for every free e-course, and joining Facebook groups, and bookmarking resources, and asking for advice, and basically doing everything but actually doing something to make it happen.

I convince myself that I’m being productive, but it’s just procrastination in disguise. (But that’s essentially the story of my life, isn’t it?)

Writing this post was a good first step to stop thinking and start doing. Only a million more steps to go : )

YOUR TURN: What helps you to take the first step when you’re feeling stuck?


Amanda Kay

Amanda Kay, an Employment Specialist and founder of My Life, I Guess, strives to keep the "person" in personal finance by writing about money, mistakes, and making a living. She focuses on what it’s like being in debt, living paycheck to paycheck, and surviving unemployment while also offering advice and support for others in similar situations - including a FREE library of career & job search resources.

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5 thoughts on “My Life (I Guess) Lately – Vol. 2”

  1. I think one thing that seems to work for me is to immerse myself in similar information or situations. With my blog, I go through times where I can’t think of anything to write or get motivated to do so. Rather than give up on it, I’ll start reading other blogs that I like, leaving comments, reading tweets and ideas, and more often than not, something along the way will grab me, giving me an idea for me to write something. That’s usually a good way to start building momentum.

  2. If it takes you days to recover from an unsuccessful, traditional office job search, then just ditch this altogether.
    You have mentioned several times you want to focus on self-employment, so…why not do just that?
    Taking (the right) action is the only way to get unstuck. You seem to be a bit harsh on yourself. It looks like you are already taking action….

  3. That’s wonderful you were able to attend the wedding! Next year is going to be busy for us as a couple and we already had to say no to one wedding because of cost and lack of vacation time.

    Something I’ve noticed about me is that I get stuck when there are too many little tasks around me and not enough time for me to work on them. I’ll try and take an afternoon to clear them out my way and create a list of short term and long term goals which help me realign myself with what needs to be done. Very often the next couple weeks will feel so much less stressful and much more productive because I have concrete plans.

  4. I’ve often felt stuck on and off with writing and my blog in general. What helped me recently was to create a blog Trello board where I could post my ideas, goals, things I wanted to learn and see them all at a glance. If someone else looked at the board, they would probably get overwhelmed and think I’m crazy, but it works for me. I’ve categorized these things and also have a “in progress” list and a “done” list. It’s so satisfying when I get to move something to the “done” list. 🙂

    The two biggest things that gave me steam to ramp up again was attending the Canadian Personal Finance Blog last month in Toronto and actually revealing my identity. I don’t have a profile pic on my blog, but I do have it on my social media profiles. The conference gave me lots of ideas and helped me feel inspired again. Revealing who I was to other bloggers was scary, but at the same time liberating.


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